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Alumni dynamics

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w88 online casinoOctober 21,Class 2009 of International Business School (2013) Nearly 100 alumni meets the 10th anniversary of graduation and return to school,Gongxu Huiyuan has been studying and visiting for a period of time。

Miao Qi, Deputy Secretary -General of the Alumni Association、Professor Wang Tiedong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the International Business School, and Professor Chen Deqiu, etc. were invited to participate in alumni discussions,and communicate with alumni cordially。Deputy Secretary -General of the Alumni Association mentioned in his speech: The ten -year party is the starting w88 live casinopoint of the future,It is to move towards the glory of the next ten years;,The return of trade is still a juvenile。

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Secretary Wang Tiedong encouraged alumni to develop reading、The habit of exercise and investment,Invest in your own health、Ability and Future,Make your life better、More exciting,happier。

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Dean Chen Deqiu and alumni reviewing the development history and achievements of the business school for ten years,Encourage everyone to make persistent efforts,Contribute to the development of the country。


After that,Alumni re -travel,Walking in Xuexue Building、Integrity Building、The library recalls the study of school that year; visit the Red Sky Stadium、School History Museum、Find a new landmark after graduating from the Tower,Witness the growth of alma mater。 

In the return school activity,Li Xiyu alumni said: This party retrieves some lost friends、I regained a lot of good memories、I did it back for a day and simple pure、Self in student days。I really w88 casino gamesthank the school and teachers、Thanks to the organizer Wu squad leader,Thank you for the students and sisters of the Volunteer Group,Take us"Go Home"。We took a photo under the sign of "I miss you very much on Trade",Summon friends who haven't come this time -look forward to our next decade,。


Li Wanyu Alumni Explanation: Years Fangfei,Youth Re -painting。Cultivation,Blooming does not need to be the same,Memories are exactly the same。

Li Hailin Alumni Explanation: Classmates Four Loads,Ten years of graduation,Gather again,Full of being moved! Students have a tree building in both work or family,The only constant is the innocent and beautiful friendship。Happy continuation,Happy continuation,Looking forward to the next reunion!


Liao Yating alumni speech: hurried to a ten -year appointment。Beijing is still Beijing,Huiyuan is still Huiyuan,You are still you。


Wu Fan alumni speech: ten -year celebration,Changxu friendship,Classmates of the company,Have cohesion to prepare for busy and w88 casinohappy,I sincerely thank all teachers and classmates for their trust and support,Return to Huiyuan,Memories emerge with the place where we live together and eat together,I believe that for 20 years, we will look forward to reunion next time。


Alumni is the valuable wealth of the college,The International Business School will, as always, do a bond between alumni and alma mater,Let the alumni and alma mater share the joy of development,Support for the development of alumni,To gather alumni forces for the college。