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The School Customs Working Committee organizes an outstanding alumni to return to alma mater

Release time: November 06, 2023 Edit: zym

w88 casino games11On the evening of the 2nd,Our School Customs Working Committee and the School Youth League Committee once again organized the "Outstanding Alumni Return to Alma Mater",Cai Wenxiang, Director of the Inspection Office of China China Textile Group Co., Ltd. Cai Wenxiang as a lecture entitled "Between Lien Water -My Rural Revitalization Practice"。Executive Deputy Director of the Customs Work Committee Huang Zhenhua、Deputy Director and Secretary -General Xu Wenbing、Deputy Secretary -General Wu Xingwang、Yang Yi, cadre of the school Youth League Committee、Nearly 200 students and students of the School Student Union attended。

w88 casino games loginDeputy Director Xu Wenbing first gave a warm welcome to the lecture on the alumni alumni of Cai Wenxiang.。He said,Our School Customs Working Committee and the Youth League Committee have jointly held the lecture on "Outstanding Alumni Return to Alma Mater",It is praised by the majority of students。Cai Wenxiang alumni studying undergraduate and master's degree from 1982 to 1989,During the study period, I won the first graduate scholarship in Japan NKK Company for the first time in our school。From 2021 to 2023, he worked as Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee in Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province、Deputy County Mayor,Has made outstanding contributions to the revitalization of Xiushui County。

The lecture begins,Cai WenxiangTitle of "Proud of Trade University Students" on the screen,Introduction to study experience during school and photos of visiting many countries after participating in work。He proudly said,It is very honored to be a trade university student,"I cultivated me in the large trade,Let me master the knowledge of foreign trade,Getting in talent in the cause of foreign trade and rural rejuvenation,Make results。”Cai WenxiangI also introduced the futures knowledge of futures knowledge that is used in school.、The experience of loss caused by changes in pork price。

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Cai WenxiangIntroduce the establishment and change of poverty alleviation w88 online casinoinstitutions in my country,Transfer of the focus of work,Emphasized to learn and carry forward"Up and down concentric heart、Bettering、Precise and pragmatic、Pioneering Innovation、overcome difficulties、The spirit of poverty alleviation for the people,It also introduces the development process of China Textile Company and July 2016,Approved by the State Council,History from COFCO。

June 2021 to July 2023,Cai WenxiangThe first batch of COFCO Group to help rural revitalization work pioneer team members,Secretary of Xiushui County Party Committee、Deputy County Mayor。He said,In the various positions and experiences it holds,The deepest impression is the two years in repairing the water,There are obvious differences between the operation of enterprises and the government。

In more than two years,Cai Wenxiang361 administrative villages in 36 towns and towns that have been repaired,Every time you go,Remind the two -level cadres in the countryside: the development of the industry should be developed according to local conditions,Avoid thousands of villages; be sure to connect with market leaders to develop industries,Avoid "cargo dying on the ground"; be sure to organize the joint development industry of various villages,Avoid a single fight。He thinks,The key to the development of rural industry is to completely abandon the economic thought of small farmers,PerformResource w88 casino games loginchange assets、Fund changing stocks、The "three changes" reform of farmers' change of shareholders,This is to solve the "three rural issues",Golden key to achieve rural revitalization。Cai WenxiangBao Village, hanging in Suncun Village, Bujia Township,Together with the first secretary of the village to help the village build wild tea and honey processing plant,Village collective income exceeds one million yuan,It also helped develop the "Canyon Drifting Tourism Project",A total of more than 18,000 tourists,Added village collective income。June 2021,Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee、Provincial People's Government held the province's poverty alleviation commendation conference,COFCO Group's assistance team in Xiushui County won the title of "Advanced Collective of Poverty Alleviation in Jiangxi Province",Cai Wenxiang has obtained excellent levels in the assessment of the Jiujiang Municipal Party Committee for two consecutive years。

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Deputy Director Huang Zhenhua gave a lecture on Cai Wenxiang alumni alumni to his parent school in the summary speech,Help students understand the significance of national conditions and rural revitalization.。Cai Wenxiang "Pride with Trade University Student",It is an incentive for students in school,Everyone should cherish college life,High aspirations, growth knowledge, refining will,Become a talented w88 online casinoperson; Cai Wenxiang is admirable for the spirit of rejuvenating the villages for poverty alleviation,It is worth learning; the transformation of Cai Wenxiang's work role reveals that young people must combine their ideals with reality,No matter in any position, you must be down -to -earth,Diligence work,Contribute to the development of the country。


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