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Trade University International Alumni Association organizes the reconstruction work at the school to complete

Release time: November 17, 2023 Edit: liyuqing

w88 casinoThe International Alumni Association of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade (IAA) was founded in 2012,Development has become a branch of 25 countries under its w88 casino gamesjurisdiction、2 large international alumni organizations organized by 2 alumni organizations,At the peak, there are nearly 3,000 alumni alumni。Affected by the new crown epidemic,From 2020 to the present, the International Alumni Association organizes a re -election and related work suspension。With the autumn semester of 2023, students have been recovered from offline lectures,The International College actively promotes the reconstruction of the International Alumni Association,October 24, 2023,The International Alumni Association of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade in 2023 The first plenary meeting was successfully held in the multi -functional hall of Block A of the International Exchange Building,The meeting discussed and voted for the recovery work process and related content of the International Alumni Association,Clarified Zhaoxin、Filter、Extraction and other specific working procedures。

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As of November 14, 2023,The International Alumni Association organized the reconstruction work in the school has been w88 casino gamesfully completed,The Secretary -General of the International Alumni Association Christopher oniya and the current Secretary -General Cai Hongsen successfully completed the transition transfer,International Alumni Association sort out the establishment of a branch management center、Strategic Development Center、Public Relations Center、The organizational structure of the four sections of the Administrative Management Center,All basic functions of alumni associations are fully recovered。

Based on this,The International Alumni Association will carry out the recovery of overseas alumni branches and alumni organizations,Specifically includes: 25 regional national branches and overseas secretary -general work、Each branch sorted out and statistical work in the alumni of the book; the reconstruction and restoration of basic operations of the two alumni organizations; the construction of the information section of the international alumni w88 casino games loginwebsite。It is expected to be before the end of May 2024,All work above is completed,Full recovery of various tasks of the International Alumni Association of Foreign Economic and Trade University。

International alumni work is closely related to the development of our school's foreign education,Recruitment、International Exchange and Cooperation、Alumni resource expansion and sharing、International Communication and many other fields play a positive role。International College will continue to strengthen the construction of the International Alumni Association,Expansion work ideas,Strengthen the construction of an international alumni platform,Promote smoothly for our international alumni work、High -quality development escort。

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