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Trade Alumni、Zhang Yong, deputy general manager of China Ocean Marine Group, visited and his party

Release time: December 26, 2023 Edit: liyuqing

w88 casino gamesDecember 22, 2023,China Ocean Marine Group (referred to as Zhongyuan Shipping) Deputy General Manager Zhang Yong alumni and his party visited the University of Foreign Economic and Trade。Huang Baoyin, Party Secretary of our school、Vice President Wang Qiang met with guests in the VIP room of the administrative building。President of w88 casino gamesLaw School Mei Xiaying、Sun Xiaoxia, Director of the Office of the Party Committee/Principal's Office、Deputy Dean of the School of Law Feng Hui、Deputy Secretary Zhang Li accompanied the meeting。

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Subsequent,Deputy General Manager Zhang Yong and his party went to Trade Dafa Academy for discussions and exchanges。Li Yanqiong, general manager of COSCO Maritime Law and Risk Management Headquarters、Deputy General Manager of Human Resources Headquarters/Deputy Minister of Organization Department Strait、Director of Human Resources Center Guan Yude、Administrative Affairs Headquarters (Beijing) Administrative Manager Zhang Jia、Director of the Human Resources Center's Talent Security Office Li Yan、Liu Lei, Commissioner of the Comprehensive Office of the Administrative Affairs Headquarters; Member of the Law School Team、Professor Ji Wenhua of Teachers and Zhu Qing, deputy director of the School Admissions Employment Office、Yang Hangjun, deputy dean of the School of International Economics and Trade、Director of the Department of International Transport and Logistics Wang Xiaodong, etc.。The w88 casinosymposium was chaired by Li Huanhuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Law School。

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Lecture first gives a welcome speech by Dean Meixiaying。Mei Xiaying's visit to Deputy General Manager Zhang Yong,Especially as an outstanding alumni representative of the Dafa Academy of Trade Back to the College,Express warm welcome。He introduced the overall situation and development status of the law school,The focus introduces international law、Construction of special disciplines such as civil and commercial law,and the outstanding results of the research and talent training of the rule of law in foreign countries。Mei Xiaying said,Falun Dafa Academy and COSCO Maritime Group cooperation prospects broad,I hope that the two parties will strengthen exchanges,Get together to advance,Through the talent training project、Academic scientific research activities and other forms,Promote the deep integration of industry, university and research,Common service national strategic needs。

Deputy General Manager Zhang Yong is a PhD in law of law in the 2003 International Law of Law School。His full review of the beautiful time w88 casino games loginand friendship of teachers and students during school,Expressing the gratitude to the alma mater and the blessings and expectations for the development of the college。He develops the main business of COSCO Maritime Group、Future Development Plan、Group cooperation needs to introduce。Current,COSCO Maritime Group is in the "Accelerating the Implementation of Innovation Driven Development Strategy、Accelerate the development of digital economy ",Urgent high quality、High -quality composite -related rule -related talents of the rule of law。Trade Dafa Academy Training in foreign -related talents、Scientific research、Social services and other aspects of achievements,I hope that the two parties will strengthen cooperation in related parts,Complement of advantages,Common spectrum to write a new chapter of innovative development。

At the symposium,The training of both sides around high -end and foreign -related rule of law、Student internship employment、Academic topics research and other specific cooperation directions conducted in -depth exchanges and discussions,w88 live casinoand reached a preliminary cooperation consensus。


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