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Huang Baoyin Secretary Meet the Secretary of the Meituan Party Committee、Vice President Chen Rongkai and his party

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w88 casinoMay 27th,Secretary of the Party Committee of Meituan、Vice President Chen Rongkai and his party visited the University of Foreign Economic and Trade。Huang Baoyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school、Vice President Wang Qiang met with guests in the VIP room of the administrative building。

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w88 online casinoSecretary Huang Baoyin welcomed the Meituan Mr. Chen Rongkai and his party。He pointed out,School running accumulation is rich,Discipline advantage is clear,Always walk at the forefront of the country to open to the public。Current,School is based on the new era,Efforts to get bigger and stronger "outer" article,Promoting resource optimization and social services。He thanked Meituan for supporting the school for the past,Hope to further strengthen collaboration,In the party's construction、Talent training、Studies on cutting -edge fields、Campus service and other innovative mode、Deepen co -construction,To accelerate the development of new quality productive forces,Promoting Chinese -style modernization construction makes positive contributions。

Secretary of the Party Committee of Meituan、Vice President Chen Rongkai thanked the school for his enthusiastic reception,Also thanks to the school's long -term support for Meituan。He said,Meituan has developed well in recent years,I hope to w88 online casinostrengthen cooperation with the school in many fields,Continue to promote the construction of schools and enterprises。

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Vice President Wang Qiang said in the exchange,Meituan is the leading domestic retail company,Created a significant social value。The current strategic development of Meituan is highly consistent with the advantages of school running,School small language professionals cultivate distinctive characteristics,I hope that the future will be with Meituan in the international trade、Logistics Management、Regional country、Deepen exchanges in the fields of foreign rule of law,jointly promotes the construction of a new model of school enterprises。

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Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Minister Li Jie of the Organization Department of the Party Committee said,School and Meituan are leading party building in the early stage,Carry out a series of cooperation activities,accumulated beneficial experience,In the future, it will promote the multi -level of schools and Meituan、Multi -field cooperation。w88 casino games loginMeet the middle,Meituan and School Foreign Language College held a licensing。

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Deputy Secretary of Meituan Party Committee Du Jianbo、Secretary of the Branch of the Ticket Resort Division、Ticket Integration Marketing General Manager Zou Xiaodi,Liu Pengnong, the person in charge of campus recruitment,The person in charge of the hotel ecological overall planning Xing Litao,Director of Senior Affairs、Excellent graduate representative Wang Panpan,Deputy Director Xu Yan, deputy director of the Party Committee of the Party Committee, visited。Sun Xiaoxia, Office of the School Party Committee of the School/Principal's Office、Director of the Domestic Cooperation Office Shao Yanfang、Logistics and Infrastructure Directors Wang Zurui、Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Foreign Languages ​​Tian Wenquan、Li Yan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education and Industry、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Finance and the Peak of the Party Committee and Admissions Employment Office、Relevant comrades of the Security Office participated in the meeting。

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