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School News Network News (Contribution of the World Important Education Center Research Institute)morning June 3, 2024,The unveiling ceremony of the first "World Education Center Construction" academic forum and the "World Important Education Center Research Institute" of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade was held at 222 of the Executive Building of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade。Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Yang Wei, President of the Chinese Academy of Degree and Graduate Education,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Education and Sciences、Dean Li Yongzhi,Zhang Wei, former Party Secretary of the University of Northwest University of Technology,Vice Chairman of the Federation of the Social Sciences of the Beijing Social Sciences、Gao Xiangyang, deputy director of the Social Science Planning Office,Wang Dinghua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing University of Foreign Studies,Shi Zhongying, Dean of Tsinghua University Education Research Institute,Professor Liu Fuxing at the School of Education, Renmin University of China,Shen Wenqin, director of the Department of Education and Human Development at Peking University,Zhou Haitao, Dean of the Institute of Higher Education of Beijing Normal University,Deputy Director and Secretary -General of the Academic Development Advisory Committee of the Chinese Higher Education Society, Ma Luxing,Deputy Secretary -General of the Chinese Education Society Gao Shuguo,Hui Yi, a second -level investigator of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Education,Director of the Education Department of Guangming Daily,The editor -in -chief of the People's Daily Education Edition Sun Jing,"Chinese Higher Education Research" deputy editor -in -chief of Wang He He He,"Degree and Graduate Education" president Zhou Wenhui,Editorial Department of "University and Discipline", Huang Haijun and other experts and scholars invited to attend the meeting。Huang Baoyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Principal Zhao Zhongxiu,Vice President Wang Qiang,Standing Committee of the School Party Committee、Minister of the Propaganda Department Zhou Bo,Sun Xiaoxia, Director of the Party School Office,Director Mao Jie,Huang Wei, Dean of the Graduate School,Director of Scientific Research Division Xing Xiaoqiang,Li Xiaomeng, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office,Director of the Development Planning Division Qi Yinan,Wang Ying, Executive Deputy Dean of the National Institute of Open Research, and all members of the World Important Education Center Research Institute attended the meeting。

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The opening ceremony of the forum and the special reporting link was chaired by Vice President Wang Qiang。His representative of the University of Economic and Trade from Foreign Economic and Trade、The guests expressed warm welcome。He pointed out,May 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes when the 5th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,To "make my country an important education center with strong influence"。The 20th National Congress of the Party emphasizes education、Technology、Talents are the basic nature of comprehensively building a socialist modern country、Strategic support。Accelerate my country to become the main scientific center of the world、An important talent center of the World and the World Important Education Center,is the realization of the construction of a strong country、The inevitable requirements of national rejuvenation。Established the "Institute of Education Central Important Education Center",It is a key measure for the school's important speech of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping "5.29",Dedicated in the background of education in the new era to do a good job in the background of education to the outside world,The advantageous characteristics of the open economy discipline group,Further promotes new contributions to our school in the field of education to the outside world。

Huang Baoyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade, said in his speech,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on May 29, 2023,To improve the strategy of education to open to the outside world,Organize two major articles on "introduction" and "going global",Effectively use world -class educational resources and innovative elements,Make my country an important education center with strong influence。General Secretary Xi Jinping first proposed an important issue for "making my country an important educational center with a strong influence",It is significant、profound connotation。my country is currently accelerating the construction of an educational power,And becoming an important world important education center with a strong influence is the deserved meaning of breakthroughs in the construction of education strong country and a comprehensive leap。A new round of scientific and technological changes in the world、Industrial changes and educational changes are reconstructing global innovation landscapes and reshaping the global education governance structure,As soon as possible, my country has an unprecedented historical condition and w88 casino games logina good foundation for the world's important education center with a strong influence。Looking at the formation and evolution of important education centers in the world since modern times,With the open world economy、Advanced ideological culture、Breakthrough progress of science and technology、Leading and other core elements such as industrial change,And the role of scientific and technological innovation and industrial change is increasingly highlighting its core leading role。To fully realize the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、In the great cause of national rejuvenation,The construction of the World Important Education Center has a significant theoretical significance and practical significance,More significant Chinese significance and world significance。University of Foreign Economic and Trade held the first World Education Center for Education Center,Invite experts and scholars to study and discuss this major topic,It aims to help the construction of a new world important education center with Chinese characteristics。Trade University's "outer" character color protruding,Open World Economy is a "double first -class" construction discipline group,There is an English Academy of English and the Foreign Language College covering 12 languages,There is an Institute of Research Institute including the regional country、Education and Opening Economic Research Center and other national open research institutes from various physical research institutions,The earliest education for international students in my country、One of the largest schools。Establishment of the World Important Education Center Research Institute of the University of Economics and Trade,It is to implement the important discussion of education from Jinping's diplomatic thought and General Secretary Xi Jinping on education,Give full play to the advantages of the University of Trade,From the perspective of world education view,Focus on the construction of major educational centers in the world,Organization forces in -depth research,Be better to serve the national development strategy and open the overall situation,Accelerate the construction of world -class universities with distinctive characteristics。

Yang Wei takes the topic of "the upward path of the construction of the World Education Center" as the topic.。He learned from features、dynamics、Statistics、Ecological、Education、Six aspects of philosophy elaborated the six -story realm of the World Education Center in detail,At the same time, it points out several characteristics of becoming the world's education center: with the best students in the world、Teachers of first -class universities、New school in the academic world、Forms a new university education concept, etc.。

Li Yongzhi pointed out in a special report,Starting from the historical experience w88 online casinoof the main developed countries to become the historical experience of the world education center,Still attracting international talents from all countries,From the perspective of improving the international influence of education,We all need to systematically plan to build an important education center in the world,Increase investment,Continuous advance,This is also the important significance of the University of Economic and Trade specially established a research institute to carry out special research。

Zhang Wei takes the title "Study the attitude and method of world education"。He pointed out,Studying World Education First is a scientific attitude,Avoid preconceived; the second is to have credible data,Avoid data that can only support your views; the third is the ability to analyze,Avoid people Yun Yiyun。

Gao Xiangyang emphasizes the development of the construction of important education centers in the world.、Emphasize Deep,Systematic construction、Academicization Explanation、Strategic、​​Foreign -looking cultural layout and other aspects of effort to achieve results。The establishment of the World Important Education Center Research Institute of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade and the convening of academic forums,Give full play to the supporting role of organizing scientific research on theoretical research on the construction of important education centers in the world。

Wang Dinghua pointed out in the process of walking into the center of the world stage,Under the promotion of the establishment of an educational power in 2035,In the process of building a wealthy, strong, democratic civilization, harmonious and beautiful socialist modernization country in 2050,We want to build an important education center in the world,Attract the world's outstanding young people to study and work in China,Let more pro -Hua、Youhua、Zhihua、Ai Chinese people become our friends。

The main speech stage,Professor Shi Zhongying pointed out that the world important education center is a discourse paradigm with Chinese characteristics,Different from the edge theory of Western Education Center in the past,The characteristic of the world's important education center built in China is multiple、Interactive、It can fully reflect the basic laws of education reform and development; Professor Liu Fuxing pointed out that the construction of an important education center for the world should be placed in the world's excellent traditional culture and the unprecedented change of the century.,and proposed a specific advancement path; Professor Shen Wenqin stressed from the perspective of research paradigm and topic emphasizing the need to strengthen the construction of information education centers,Propagate Chinese experience and mode,At the same time, we must strengthen the study of studying in China。

Professor Zhou Haitao believes that it is necessary to train the research team of the world important education center,Do a w88 casino games logingood job of talent introduction,Give full play to multi -party collaborative advantages,Summarize the development law of the World Education Center; Professor Ma Luoting emphasizes advanced productivity from the level of innovation、Advanced culture and educational vitality in the construction of important educational centers in the world; Professor Gao Shuguo clarifies the theoretical level of research theory and research method,Practical level to strengthen institutional construction,Give play to the system leading role,Reshapeing system competition advantage,Improve education development level,Do a good basic guarantee。

Exchange speech link,King Crane、Zhou Wenhui、Yellow Navy、Qu Yifan, etc. expressed opinions、Exchange views。

Yang Wei、Li Yongzhi、Zhang Wei、Gao Xiangyang、Wang Dinghua、Huang Baoyin、Zhao Zhongxiu、Wang Qiang jointly unveiled the "Institute of Education Center of the World"。Zhao Zhongxiu issued a letter of employment to the expert committee of the research institute,and look forward to work hard through mutual cooperation,Jointly promote the construction of important education centers with strong influence。