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[Each Youth Edition] Lei Qianzheng: Looking back,Green Water Changliu Qingshan is in

Release time: May 31, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 casinoThe graduation season is almost,Another batch of excellent trading students are about to bid farewell to Huiyuan,Going to your own poems and distance。For four years,They use "Xingyuan,Practice of Duke and Not Lare "Breeding Dreams,Efforts to compose the value of life、The youth movement of drawing a happy answer sheet。In order to give full play to outstanding graduates to pursue excellence、Demonstration of role models,Now specially launched a series of "Excellent Graduate" series,May students learn from the stories of excellent graduates to draw valuable experiences,firm ideals,Deep farming,Promoting Model、Learning model、Fight as a model,Contribute youth for the new era。

School News Network News (Cui Xingyi, a reporter from the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee)Lei Qianzheng,Member of the Communist Party of China,Master's degree graduated from the University of Foreign Language and Traditional Chinese University of Foreign Languages ​​and Trade at the University of Foreign Languages,I have won national scholarships、First -class scholarships for graduate studies,I have won excellent graduates in Beijing、Honorary titles such as outstanding cadres such as school -level group。During the period of school, he was the class head of the class、Graduate Leadership Regiment, the head of the Graduate Publicity Group。Participate in the summer social survey activities of graduate students,Project results won the first prize,During the period of school, he hosted large -scale activities。Through the second -level interpretation of the Korean language、III translation test,I won the Chinese and South Korean (Pen) Group Special Awards in the 2023 Catti Cup National Translation Contest。Once at the Dahan Trade Investment Revitalization Commune、Foreign Research Institute、China Net and other companies internship。After graduation, I plan to join a central ministries and commissions。

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Lei Qianzheng said,Graduate graduate students who apply for trade,She has a variety of considerations: First, because the University of Trade University is one of the earliest schools in my country to open a Korean language interpretation major,Have a strong teacher forces and advanced co -pass exercise equipment、You can receive professional training here; the second is because the School of Foreign Languages ​​Trade focuses on the cultivation of composable talents,She learned ACCA related knowledge during the undergraduate,I also hope that I can contact more knowledge in this area in professional financial colleges。Looking w88 casinoback at the graduate time of the two years of trade in trade,She summarizes it in two words: enrichment ---- constantly understand her deficiencies,I am also happy to make my progress。

Lei QianzhengThe greatest expectation given to yourself before enrolling is "no regrets"。The Korean Korean Department is a warm family,Can add it、Lei Qianzheng feelsLucky。correction with you in the classroom、Sit together in the corridor to practice and deal with、Prepare the competition together、Participate in the "New Year's Eve"、Go outdoors and feel the beautiful scenery of the spring、I will talk about the future in the washing room ... Every moment when you are nervous and laugh together, you will feel happy。"Of course,All of this is also accompanied by the pressure of preparation and employment,But the college and the teacher will always care about,Listen to trouble like ‘tree cave’,Give the suggestion of Zhong Ken "Lei Qianzheng said,Teachers' teachings,It is the wealth that she has been used in her life

Student work and community activities of Trade University also givesLei QianzhengLeave an unforgettable memory。Participate in student work、In the process of community activities and social practice,Lei QianzhengI met a lot of "glittering" classmates,The excellent quality of the students has always inspired her to become a better herself。The activity of visiting Miyun Jinzhuluo Farm in 2023 impressed her,There is a slogan in the village that "our village is a garden",She heard it very touching,For the first time I feel the symbolic meaning of the word "rural revitalization"。

Lei QianzhengMany qualification certificates and awards have been obtained in professional aspects,The w88 online casinointernship experience is also wonderful and rich,But she humblely said,Learning about language,"Repeat" and "Persistence" is more important than talent,"Like the knowledge harvested during the game is far more important than the results of the game。Lei Qianzheng said,About Internship,Everyone has different planning for themselves,Suitable for you is the best,But you may have to try and error many times to know what is suitable for you。For students of the same majors,Her suggestion is to try to try more fields you are interested in in the spare time,In this process, it will also be more clear about the future direction。

This summer,Lei Qianzheng is the same as Xu Xu's graduatesWill leave the campus、Going to a brand new career area,She said: "my country's international status is getting higher and higher,The right to speak is getting bigger and bigger,In ‘telling Chinese story,In the process of spreading Chinese voice ",Foreign Languages ​​are available,Little language species have a lot to do。Of course this also puts forward higher requirements for us,Consolidate the foundation,Enhance the sense of mission。”Lei QianzhengI hope I can do "screws" in ordinary positions,Serving the development of the motherland with youth。

"Flowing water will not fight first,The fight is endless。"" ",Lei QianzhengOccasionally confused about the future,Whenever she is at this time, she will calm down,Using this motto from this sentence,Ask your heart,Think about what you really want。"I hope that each of us can flow like a flowing water,Keep clear,With a sincere heart and body, there will be a drop of progress,It's okay to be slower。”Lei Qianzheng said.

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