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School News Network News (Supply of International College)May 31 to June 2,The global youth multi -dimensional dialogue of the 70th anniversary of our school's study abroad education.,This event is from the University of Foreign Economic and Trade、Cultural Communication Center of Foreign Literature and Cultural Bureau of China、sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Culture, Shandong,Our school is from France、Germany、Sudan、16 international students from 15 countries including Malaysia went to Jinan and Qufu to communicate with Chinese youths with Shandong。

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Foreign young people walk into the "three holes" and experience "six arts"

Knowing is the beginning of the line,Line is the success of knowing。In a three -day event,The students listened to a simple Confucian culture course,Observing the Mount Tai Shadow Performance,I walked into "Three Pole"、Nishan Holy Realm and other historical wins,experienced folk customs and traditional cultural activities such as "six arts",Through a series of visits and communication in -depth learning、I understand the Confucian thoughts and Qilu culture,Feel the beauty of Chinese w88 casino gamesetiquette and the Confucian philosophy of "externalization",Chinese and foreign youths in practice、Interesting and interaction improved each other's friendship and cross -cultural understanding。

President of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade Zhao Zhongxiu,Secretary of the Chinese Institute of Culture, Shandong、First Deputy Dean Sun Chuanshang,Zhang Jinting, Director of the Cultural Communication Center of the China Foreign Literature and Cultural Bureau, and Sun Lihai, deputy dean of Shandong Chinese Institute of Culture, attended the participation,Geng Huifang, Secretary of the International College of International University of Economics and Trade、Deputy Director of the Cultural Communication Center of the China Foreign Literature and Cultural Bureau Wang Kan、Director Shan Liming, Director of the China Cultural Exchange Office of the Chinese Institute of Culture, participated in the event。

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Leaders and guests communicate with young people

During the Chinese and Foreign Youth Exchange Meeting,,Young representatives of various countries shared their feelings and gains one by one。Chen Shuiling from Vietnam said,The lecture brought by the vice president of Jinan Chinese Institute of Culture, Wu Shucheng, brought her lectures to let her understand the Confucianism.,I also truly understood the "characteristics" of socialism with Chinese characteristics; Lin Zhijie from the Netherlands said,The ritual and music performance watched in the Holy Realm of Nishan will be presented in the way of light and shadow and music.,Let him be able to understand what the trip learned more intuitively; rabbit classmates from Laos said,w88 live casinoHer enthusiastic hospitality moved by friends in Shandong、I also lament the development speed of China,I hope that more Chinese wisdom can be brought back to Laos; Lu Ai from the Sudan said,This event brought him to the place of Chinese history,It is a significant experience for him,I hope that every foreign young man who comes to study in China has the opportunity to come to Shandong、Learn Confucius。

President Zhao Zhongxiu said,One of the 70th anniversary activities of the Da Laihua Education Education,Although the scale is not large in this event,but it is significant。Confucian culture is the window of understanding the entire Chinese civilization。Understand the birth of Confucianism in Confucius's hometown,It is very important for the core of grasping ancient oriental culture。In the worldview of the Chinese,The conflict of civilization is not inevitable,Cultural exchanges can surpass civilized barriers、Cultural mutual learning can surpass civilized conflicts。On the occasion of the world's 100 years of change,He hopes that more international youths can actively explore the ways of harvesting civilization and harvest,A messenger of cultural exchanges,Contribute wisdom and strength to promote the construction of a community of human destiny。To achieve this goal,Trade will continue to uphold the spirit of openness and tolerance,Strengthen high -level international cooperation exchange,​​Strengthen the construction of the "Study Abroad Trade" brand,w88 casinoCultivate more understanding of Chinese national conditions、Welling International Rules、International Outstanding Young Youth actively participating in global governance。

President Zhao Zhongxiu Speaking

Student practical activities are to carry out national conditions education for students to stay in China,Key links to ensure the improvement of the quality of studying abroad。On the one hand,Active coming to China and staying in China can allow students to stay in China to understand and understand Chinese national conditions and Chinese culture,Enhance its cross -cultural adaptability,Improve their study abroad experience in China。On the other hand,It helps to enhance the recognition of Chinese culture in China,Promote telling Chinese stories、spread Chinese voice,Show credible、Cute、Dear China image。On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of studying in China,International College will continue to highlight the distinctive features of the word "outside",Build the national conditions education system for "integration of knowledge and action",By carrying out brand activities such as "perceive China",Stepification Promotion II、Three classroom activity system construction,A stronger "Study Abroad Trade" brand,Tao of the text、Biography with Wen Chuan、Cultural people,Cultivate more Chinese heritage、Young talents of "Zhihua Youhua Aihua" in China,Serving the Strategy of opening high -level education to the country and the strategy of cultural strong country,Extremely chapter of writing the construction of a w88 casino games loginstrong country for education。