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Secretary Huang Baoyin attended the announcement meeting of the cadres of the Chinese Academy of Languages ​​and Literature

Release time: July 07, 2024 Edit: Liu Navy

w88 casinoOn the afternoon of July 4,The School of Language and Literature of Chinese Languages ​​and Literature held a cadre appointment and removal meeting in the conference room 422 of Integrity Building。Huang Baoyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School、Deputy Secretary Zhang Xiaofeng attended the meeting,Member of the New Old Team of the College、Participants at all faculty and staff。The meeting was member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee、Director of the Organization Department Li Jie, presided over。

will be on the meeting,w88 casino games loginZhang Xiaofeng, deputy secretary of the school party committee, read out the school's appointment and removal decision。Study on the School Party Committee of the School,Appointment of Comrade Deng Ribing as Dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature、Member of the Party Committee、Deputy Secretary (both),Appointment of Comrade Qu Jiawen as a member of the Party Committee of the Chinese School of Language and Literature、Secretary。

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Secretary of the Secretary of Huang Baoyin on behalf of the school party committee to the development of the two comrades of Tang Xingquan and Zhou Chenmeng for the development of the Chinese Academy of China、The contribution made by thanks。Secretary Huang pointed out,The school's party committee attaches great importance to the construction and career development of the leadership team of the Chinese Academy,Adjustment of the first leader of the college,It is the school party committee based on the actual situation and actual development needs of the Chinese Academy,Considering Pass Considering、Fully brew、Decision made by carefully study。Secretary Huang introduced the situation of two comrades of Deng Ruxing and Qu Jiawen,Full of expectations for the new leadership team of the Chinese Academy、Putting high expectations。He put forward four requirements: First,Strengthen political w88 casino games loginleadership,Showing new responsibilities in the banner clearly explained; second,Adhere to the target orientation,Showing new actions on the advantages of condensing heart gathering; third,Strengthening governance capabilities,Showing a new weather in pursuing excellence and goodness; fourth,Persist in the bottom line of the integrity,Make a new table rate in the ecology of conservation wind and qi。

Secretary of Huang Baoyin said,The Chinese Academy has always undertaken the internationalization of the school、Important tasks of Chinese talent training and human education,Brotting to spread Chinese language、Inheritance and promoting the important mission of the excellent traditional culture of China,It is a window for the "Poems and Far" of the Trade University,Hope the new leadership team of the college cooperates closely,Unity and lead the college's teachers and students and employees condense、pioneering and aggressive,Promoting the high -quality development of the college business,Let the Chinese Academy of youth be rejuvenated,Get better results。

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The former vice president of the college (presided over administrative work) Zhou Chenmeng、Former Party Secretary Tang Xingquan、New Dean Deng Rubing、New Party Secretary Qu Jiawen made a statement in turn。Zhou Chenmeng thanked w88 live casinothe school leaders and the college teacher for their support for the work of the past four years,Hope the college will achieve better development in the future。Tang Xingquan looked back at the 17 -year growth experience at the Chinese Academy,expressed sincere thanks and deep reluctance to the college teachers。Deng Rubing first thanks for the trust for the organization,Thank you school leaders for the spur and encouragement,Thanks to Comrade Tang Xingquan and Comrade Zhou Chenmeng for paying for the college,I wish them good results in future jobs。She expressed his determination to support the school's party committee,Under the leadership of the school party committee、With the support of the college teacher, the party and the government jointly、Unity,Build the Chinese Academy into a united friendship、Positive upward、Collect of hard work。Qu Jiawen reviewed his work experience at school,I am honored to join the Chinese Academy of Family,Political force、Cohesion、Dedication、The four aspects of integrity contribute to the development of the school and college。

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