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The first period of our school -level cadres Yan'an training class was successfully held

School News Network (Reporter/Photography Party Committee Propaganda Department 轩 Xuan)Under the Pagoda Mountain, the Yanshui River nourishes the original heart and temper the soul.To thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the 20th spirit of the party,Promoting party discipline learning and education solidly,Leading the cadres of the Zhengke -level cadres in the discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Make an example on Shouji,July 4-7, 2024,The school party committee organized the development of "the power to draw on faith,New Journey to High -quality Development "" Positive Section Cadres Training Course。Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Ma Guisheng带队,Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Director of the Discipline Inspection Commission Office、Director of the Supervision Department Hu Shouqiang,Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee (at the same level) Teng Yun,Zhengke -level cadre,Donation of the branch secretary,Representatives of returnees and young talents,​​Counselor representatives go to Yan'an to participate in training,​​Learn Yan'an History,Looking at the former Revolutionary Site and Memorial Hall,Draw the power to learn from the spirit of Yan'an、Find the gap between party spirit、Calibrate the direction of progress。

The opening of the class was chaired by Teng Yun, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee (at the same level),On the opening style,Wang Hao, Executive Vice President of the Saded Cadre College of Shaanxi, awarded the flag of the training class。

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Open Class,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Ma Guisheng made a mobilization speech for the students。

School Leadership Starting Class Mobilization: The power of drawing faith is moving towards a new journey of high -quality development

Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Ma GuishengPoint out,Firmly follow the new road of trade with distinctive construction of world -class universities,People are the key。Section -level cadres play an important role in the development of the school,It is the fundamental task of implementing the Lindu people in the school、Important subject in the work of running a school,Holding a training course for department -level cadres,Promote the practice of internal skills、Make up for the shortcomings,It is an important measure to strengthen the construction of the cadre team in trade。Yan'anIs the foothold of the victory of the Red Army Long March,is to establish the Anti -Japanese National United Front and win the victory of the Anti -Japanese War,Then the starting point of the liberation war of victory national victory,Also the place where General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the countryside when he went to the countryside,Carry out field learning training in Yan'an,helpMore deeply understanding Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Deep understanding of the spirit of Yan'an、Yan'an style and Yan'an discipline. Secretary Ma emphasized that the trainees are requiredQuickly change the character,Switch from work identity to student identity,Transition the point of learning to find the insufficiency,Grasp the use of learning and thinking、The unified learning law of Zhixinxing; the second mustdevoted to training with all your heart,Participate in learning as required,Do a good job of learning notes,During the training period, the observance of the rules and regulations is engraved in the heart; the three mustTightly combined with work actual,Persist in problem orientation,Use training to crack the problems in the work,Promote the high -quality development of the school's cause。At the time of party discipline learning and education,Students should learn about Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Especially learning General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on the comprehensive strengthening of the party's discipline construction and comprehensively and strictly governing the party and the close combination of party discipline and education,Party spirit, party style and party discipline together,Promoting this training and learning to achieve effective results。

Special teaching: spiritual wealth,Inheritance from generation to generation,The same lesson I listen enough

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Yan'an spirit is the party's precious spiritual wealth,To be passed down from generation to generation。”In special teaching,"Yan'an Spirit and Value Value"In class,The teacher brings the students to understand and perceive through the lively history and vivid stories.firm and correct political direction、The ideological route of emancipating the truthfulness of thought and truth -seeking、The fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly、The spirit of entrepreneurial spirit of self -reliance and hard work is the spirit of Yan'an,Encourage students to continue to carry forward the spirit of Yan'an in their careers。Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era is to Marx Leninism、Mao Zedong Thought、Deng Xiaoping theory、"Three Represents" important thought、Inheritance and development of scientific development concept,Is a contemporary Chinese Marxism、21st Century Marxism,The essence of the times of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit,Through"Thinking of Xi Jinping's Thoughts of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era"Course,Students have more deeply realized the worldview of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics、Methodism and the point of view of the position。"Yan'an Rectification and Party Style Construction"In class,The teacher explained the informative historical materials of Yan'an rectification this time during the new democratic revolutionary period of the party to comprehensively promote the creation of self -revolution and the historical process of the party's construction,Deepen the students to persist in self -revolution、Comprehensively strengthen the understanding of party discipline construction。

On -site teaching: down w88 casino-to -earth,Wen Guizhi Xin,Read a book that can't be read together

The old site of the Yan'an Revolution witnessed our party leading the Chinese Revolution during the Yan'an period、Exploring the glorious process of the era of Sinicization of Marxism,This training also moved the classroom from the classroom to Yangjialing、Fenghuang Mountain foot、Wangjiaping、Old revolutionary sites and other revolutionary sites and Liangjiahe Village, the General Secretary Xi Jinping who had stepped into the villagers,Read this "Endless Book" on the spot。

inThe old site of the revolutionary revolution in Yangjialing,Students admire the Seven Congress of the Communist Party of China,Revisiting the "cave pair",Deeply understand the two answers of "How to Jump out of the Law of History to Govern the Rebellion",The place where the Yan'an Literature and Art Symposium occurred,The interpreter introduced the creative process of "Oriental Red",All students can't help singing together。The old site of the revolutionary revolution of the Phoenix MountainIt is the residence in classic works such as "Practice theory", "Contradiction Theory", "On the Apocalypse", etc.,Students come to Mao Zedong and other older generations of revolutionary houses and office places,The majesty of the truth of the truth。inThe old site of the revolutionary revolution of Wangjiaping,A set of small stone tables lead to Mao Zedong and Mao An Ying's touching father and son story,Inheritance of red family style,The thoughts of cultivating the feelings of the country in the country have been echoed for a long time in the minds of the students。inOld Revolutionary Site of Zaoyuan,The trainees witnessed the old residence of leaders of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Mao Zedong of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in Chongqing,Jointly review the historical turning point of our party's shift from the Anti -Japanese War to the Liberation War。

LiangjiaheRecorded General Secretary Xi Jinping's seven -year knowledge of youth,Students come to the Village History Museum、Educational Youth Hospital、biogas gas、Silver Dam these General Secretary Xi Jinping once left footprints,Where the people do practical things,Listen to General Secretary Xi Jinping and the people with the people、The story of the blend of water and milk,Learn Liangjiahe's university question,Appreciation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's affection for the people。

inYan'an Revolutionary Memorial,Students collectively visited the "Great Process-the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in the 13th Years of Yan'an" Exhibition,Visit "The Footbirth of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Red Army Long March", "Political Guidance Center of the Chinese People's Anti -Japanese War", "Model Test Zone of New Democraticism", "Equipment for the National Victory", "Yan'an Spirit Forever Everbright" Wait for the exhibition content。Students come toNorthwest Bureau Memorial Hall,Study the great achievements and valuable experiences of the Northwest Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in the Northwest Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China。The trainees also watched it togetherLarge red immersive drama "Back to Yan'an",The expression of immersive art allows students to touch red culture and history more intuitively,Inheritance Yan'an Spirit。

赓 Continue red blood veins are aspiring to move forward

After 4 days of special teaching and on -site w88 live casinoteaching,Students have expressed,Rich in learning this time、Sending people deep province、Get full of theoretical knowledge、Drawing the majestic power of faith,I refined my own party spirit,Bring what I learned from Yan'an training back to school,Continuously inherited and promoted the spirit of Yan'an in this job,Contribute to the high -quality development of the school's cause。

Archives/School History Museum Chief Liu XiaoRepresents,This training made me deeply realize that as a Communist member,A educator,We need to guide the spirit of Yan'an,Based on the job,Capture the iron with traces、The tenacity of the stones leaving seal is invested into actual work,Serving teachers and students wholeheartedly,Let Yan'an spirit continue to glow with new vitality and vitality in the new era。Development Planning Division (Disciplinary Planning Office) Planning and Policy Chief Cui LiRepresents,Through training,In -depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,I perceive the spirit of Yan'an and its era value,As a member of the Communist Party of China and a new era cadre,We want to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Yan'an,transforms it into a strong motivation for promoting high -quality development,With more full enthusiasm and more solid style,In the great cause of being devoted to the high -quality development of education to promote the high -quality development of education。Logistics and Infrastructure Division Food Trade United Party Branch Secretary Shi JinghuiRepresents,Visit the Yan'an Revolutionary Hall、Yangjialing and Zaozhuang、Wangjiaping Revolution Base,Watch the historical drama of the Red Army,I am deeply shocked。History is the best textbook,Stimulates that we must not forget our original intentions,Study forward,Contributions to the Chinese Dream of the Great Revival of the Chinese Nation。Hu Yinan, Secretary of the First Party Branch of the School of StatisticsRepresents,Yan'an spirit is red blood flowing on the land of Yan'an,Is the spiritual wealth of the party and the country's precious spirit,It reflects our national soul、Chinese soul。In the new era,We want to vigorously promote the spirit of Yan'an in our job,Let Yan'an spirit continue。Hai Returnees Teacher, F full -time teacher Xu MengRepresents: No matter how the times change,Yan'an spirit is a powerful motivation to promote us,Let us maintain a firm conviction and unyielding will when facing difficulties。As a college teacher,To integrate what you learn into the actual work,With a firm belief、Solid style,Contribute to the school's high -quality development。Teachers and Politics Teachers and Marxist School full -time teachers Cui ShitaoRepresents,Through these four days of tension and full training,I deeply realize the greatness of Yan'an spirit,Further understanding the charm of the party's unique party charm that the Communist Party of China leads the victory of the Chinese revolution。After returning to the job,I will transform my learning experience into teaching design,Personal experience with training and learning to teach young students to the history of the party's glorious revolutionary years,spread the spirit of Yan'an、Promotes well!Counselor, Zhang Renjiao, Secretary of the League Committee of the Law SchoolRepresents,Footprints of historical tables,We go to Phoenix Mountain、Yangjiaping、Jujube Garden、Wangjiaping conduct on -site learning,Seeing the hard and simple kiln cave,The story of the people of the Communists and the simple and hard -working Northwest people,Learn "yourself、Nanni Bay, the transformation of the fertile food,We deeply understand the excellent traditions and style left by the older generation revolutionaries and the old generation of Communists in the Yan'an period。Counselor, Wang Yan, Chief of the Student Student Student Student Work SectionRepresents,Four-day special training with us returned to the hot revolutionary historical scene from 1935 to 1948,immersed insights Learning Yan'an Spirit,Draw the forgiveness。As a counselor,I want to integrate the understanding of the training of this training into what I think about,Permination of students' daily work,Don’t forget to come to the road when the road is coming,New journey of Trees!

The training class of the cadre of the positive department level,Design carefully,Organization Zhou secret,profound content,profound content,Power ring formalism。Yan'an Spirit、Yan'an style、Yan'an discipline is a valuable textbook for party discipline education,All students deeply understand the glorious tradition and excellent style left by the older generation revolutionaries and the Communists,Strengthening the cultivation of party spirit,Improve political awareness、Ideological Realm、Moral level,At the beginning of implementing the spirit of the 13th party congress of the school,With a more active spirit、More practical action 赓 Continue Yan'an Red Blood,Persist in doing things with party spirit in work practice,Strive to move forward in the new journey towards high -quality development。