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Professor Zhao Cuoli at the School of Marxism to Yixian Middle School to hold a lecture

Release time: May 16, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 live casinoTo implement the custody assistance work of the subordinate college and county,The Marx College of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade played the advantage of college resources,morning May 15, 2024,Professor of Marxist School of Foreign Economics and Trade、The Secretary of the Party Branch of the Department of Modern History and Ideological and Political Education Teachers、Deputy Director of the Institute of Globalization and China Modernization Research、Deputy Director of the Party Construction Research Center of the Communist Party of China, Zhao Cui Li, was invited to go to Yixian County Middle School in Hebei to conduct a special lecture "Holding the Patriotic Banner inheritance of the May 4th Spirit",The lecture was chaired by Deputy Secretary Feng Yingwei of Yi County Center。Yixian Middle School all high school and second grade and historical courses、Teacher Teacher,Method of live broadcasting on the spot and class,A total of about 3,000 people participated in this lecture。

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Professor Zhao Cui Li takes the May Fourth Spirit as a problem,Back to the historical field,From the perspective of the changes of the revolutionary w88 casino gamessubject, compares the May 4th New Culture Movement and the failed movements in modern history,Inspired students' influence on the success of the revolutionary subject。Patriotic young students and workers on the May 4th Movement on the Stage of History,Starting the new process of China's moving towards modernization。

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Second,Teacher Zhao Cui Li compares the May 4th New Culture Movement and Western Enlightenment Movement。The New Culture Movement is responsible for the dual task of ideological enlightenment and national salvation,Open the trend of era liberation,At the same time, it is also exposed to lack of limitations of effective ideological weapons。The success of the October Revolution sent Marx Leninism。Advanced young intellectuals set off a great social revolutionary movement on the May 4th Movement of the National Revolutionary Movement。May 4th Movement promotes the exploration of China's modernization path to w88 casino gamessocialist direction,The new type of party forged that also caused the political force of leading the modernization of China。

Last,Professor Zhao Cui Li discussed the patriotic advocated by the May 4th Movement、progress、Democratic、The connotation of the May 4th spirit of science and the significance of the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。Call for young students not to forget history,Houzhijiaguo,Holding the patriotic banner,Inherit the spirit of the May 4th,Struggle,I am youth,Creating Youth China。

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After the meeting,Professor Zhao Cui Li also builds the integration of ideological and political courses in primary and secondary schools、Affairs and mutual construction of the branch to communicate with the relevant leaders and teachers of Yixian Middle School。

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