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Teaching work

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w88 casino gamesTo strengthen the teaching management of the college,Further improve the quality of talent training,On the morning of June 25,Academy of English held a teaching supervision symposium in the conference room of Integrity 1314,Invite 10 teaching supervisors at the school and college to guide the college's research teaching work。Dean Xiang Mingyou、Party Secretary Xiang Jie、Chen Gong, deputy dean of graduate education、Vice Dean Zhao Dantong, deputy dean of undergraduate education, and the teaching secretary of this research attended the symposium。

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First,Secretary Xiang Jie expressed heartfelt thanks for supervision experts' affection and selfless dedication in talent training,Looking forward to the participating experts to mention more valuable opinions for the development of the college、Suggestion。

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Subsequent,Speaking experts in turn。Teacher Zhou Lili affirmed the teaching level and teaching attitude of teachers of the School of English,It is recommended that teachers pay attention w88 live casinoto cultivating students' family feelings and global minds,Guide students to pay attention to current affairs at home and abroad,Drive students "tell Chinese stories" in foreign languages。Teacher Xianxi Biao proposed to strengthen the design and on -site control of group activities on how to improve the efficiency of classrooms、Effective use of audio -visual audition、Passionate driving the classroom atmosphere、Pay attention to inspiration and reviews。Teacher Wang Guanfu from the teacher's ability、Responsibility、Three perspectives of experience to make hope for young teachers,Topics of the interactive link of the classroom、Key grasp、Effective review、All English context、Specifications for the subjectivity of students。Teacher Ding Chongwen affirmed the professional attitude of the college teachers,It is recommended that the college's systemicization in business English class、The sense of layering is further work hard,Let different stages、Students of different foundations have a sense of gain。Teacher Jiang Chun introduced the supervision in "Supervisor、Supervisor、Supervisor "three dimensions of the three dimensions of the three dimensions,Organic integration around curriculum ideology、The integrity of the course、Diversity and effectiveness of teaching w88 live casinomethods、Teachers' understanding of the discipline、Professional depth of teaching、Explaimed resources、Cultivate students' mental ability, etc. to make suggestions,and propose to learn from the OBE education concept to build an English course group。

Teacher Wang Xinhong analyzed the characteristics of today's students,Pointing out the new knowledge system of young teachers at the college、New technical means familiar with、Strong expression ability、communication with students,Very potential to become an excellent teacher,We must continue to accumulate experience to further improve the task of classroom teaching。Teacher Qian Jingjing made suggestions on how to effectively communicate with students。Teacher Mao Haihong introduced that he organized and guided students to publish articles on platforms such as the "Trade Dawei English" public account、Video tells the story of Chinese stories in English,Suggestions on how to make students gain multiple gains in the classroom。Liu Yan、Li Chenle's two teachers point out the problem of students' classroom concentration and participation,I hope to strengthen the experience between teachers,Enlightenment,Work together to improve the quality and level of teaching。

Deputy Dean Chen Gong、Zhao Dantong responded to supervision suggestions in combination with the work of the division。Two w88 live casinoDeputy Teaching Deputy Dean said,In the future teaching management work,I will keep in mind the entrustment and expectations of the predecessor teacher,Fully absorb suggestions for adopting supervisors,Strengthen the coordinated planning and scientific organization of teaching,Help teachers improve teaching ability and level,Constantly improving the quality of talent training of college。

In the summary to Dean Mingyou, I expressed my heartfelt thanks to the supervisory experts。He said,Supervisor teachers work due to their due diligence,Long -term committed to promoting teachers to update the teaching content、Improve teaching method、Improve teaching ability and teaching level,contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the college; everyone’s insights、Suggestions among Suggestions,Injects new vitality and motivation into the next step of education and teaching reform for the college,The college will study carefully、Adopt,Continuously promote the connotation construction of foreign language disciplines,Comprehensively improve the quality of talent training。