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The School of Marxism held a teaching supervision work meeting and a classroom teaching seminar

Release time: July 02, 2024 Edit: Xinyun

w88 casino gamesIn order to thoroughly implement the latest important important instructions for the construction of the school's ideological and political courses, the spirit of the internship is in -depth,Close to the new era and new journey education mission,Constantly strengthen the construction of school ideological and political lessons,Improve the education and teaching level of school ideological and political lessons,June 26,The Marxist Academy held a teaching supervision work meeting and classroom teaching seminar in the conference room of Cheng 331。Dean Tao Haofei、Deputy Dean Huang Chuangen、Teaching supervision of the two levels of schools、Director of the Department of Studies Participation Meeting。Cai Yongming, Secretary of the Party Branch of the College Prested the Meeting Meeting。

will be on it,Dean Tao Haofei fully affirmed the teaching supervision work to ensure the quality of education and teaching、Improve the important role in the quality of talent training,And on behalf of the college, thank you for your hard work of teaching supervision experts。He focuses on the background and theme of the meeting,The college looks forward to fully communicating with the director of teaching supervision and the Department of Studies,For various courses for the college, especially the classroom teaching of ideological and political courses, "talk about the status quo", "putting on problems", "raising countermeasures",The college will seriously absorb experts from experts,Sorting the question list,Formation of reform measures,Follow up and implement rectification,w88 casino gamesFocus on improving the quality and level of classroom teaching。

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Xu Kaifeng, the leader of the teaching supervision team of the college, reports related work,Detailed introduction of the current teaching status and existing overall problems。School -level teaching supervisory teacher Zhou Yumei pointed out,To further strengthen the curriculum knowledge system combing,Highlight the key points of teaching content,Carry out high -quality teaching teachers and students interaction,Strengthen the collective preparation of the Department of Studies。School -level teaching supervision Teacher Rongzhen emphasized,Curriculum teaching must adhere to systematic thinking,Take care of the relationship between scientific research and teaching,To persist in problem orientation,Person a good preparation and lecture process。College Teaching Supervision Le Ping、Ma Wei、Lu Hongxia and other teachers around the classroom teaching organization、Teachers' teaching ability、Course assessment and evaluation、Course logic system、Topics such as the construction of the teacher team introduced the problems found in the teaching supervision process,and put forward w88 online casinoimprovement of countermeasures。Feedback of teaching supervision and supervision of school colleges,Director of the Department of Studies reported one by one to promote the improvement of the quality of ideological and political classroom teaching,Especially to strengthen curriculum teaching discussions through the collective class preparation system,Highlight the difficulty of teaching; improve optimization through the course assessment method,The assessment tendency to reverse too much emphasis on practical teaching and neglect of knowledge grasp。

Dean Tao Hao Fei emphasized in the summary speech,The goal of this meeting is clear、Clear thinking、Excellent results。Thoughts of Political Political Courses,Is the "top priority" for college work。Next step,The college will carefully summarize the good experience formed in long -term teaching、Good traditional,Broadly investigating brothers college good practice、Good measures,Focus on optimizing the collective class preparation system、Improve teachers' teaching ability、Reform teaching assessment method、A comprehensive results evaluation system and other aspects to build w88 casinoa key course for building a strong moral person,Strive to contribute to the comprehensive improvement of talent training。

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