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Our school held the establishment of the 2nd textbook construction committee

Release time: July 05, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 casino games loginOn the morning of July 3,The establishment of the 2nd Teaching Material Construction Committee of the School and the First Working Conference was held in the conference room 222 of the Administrative Building。School Party Secretary、Director of the Teaching Materials Committee Huang Baoyin,Principal、Director of the Teaching Materials Committee Zhao Zhongxiu,Deputy Secretary and Vice President of the Party Committee of the School、Deputy Director of the Teaching Materials Committee Wen Jun,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee、Deputy Director of the Teaching Materials Committee Zhang Xiaofeng,and all members of the Teaching Material Construction Committee attended the meeting together。The meeting was chaired by Wen Jun, deputy secretary and vice president of the school。

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First,Director of the Academic Affairs Office Mao Jie report on the re -election of the second teaching materials construction committee of our school。Considering the work of teachers' moral and moral style construction of relevant departments、Ideological work、Discipline construction work is closely related to the construction of teaching materials,The Construction Committee of this textbook supplement the Human Resources Department/Party Committee Teacher Work Department、United Front Department、The heads of the three departments of the Development Planning Division as new members。At the same time,Chief Expert of Malaysia Engineering Teaching Materials、Editor -in -chief of National Teaching Materials Awards、Deputy editor as a teacher w88 casino games loginrepresentative,Supplement into the current teaching materials construction committee。Then,Mao Jie introduced the "Revision Measures for Outstanding Textbooks of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade (review draft)",The participating members launched a detailed discussion on the revised content,and put forward further modification and perfect opinions。Then,Mao Jie reported "The University of Foreign Economic and Trade to accelerate the high -quality construction work plan (discussion draft)",Participants on how our school carried out a new round of textbook construction work combined with great benefits。

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President Zhao Zhongxiu put forward three requirements for the construction of school textbooks。1 is to increase resource investment,School and talent training units should increase their investment in the construction of textbooks,In funds、Management and other aspects give full guarantee; the second is to clarify the key direction of the construction of textbooks,We must unswervingly follow the excellent textbook construction routes that unswervingly trade with the characteristics of big characteristics,w88 live casinogive full play to the supporting role of school discipline advantages on the construction of teaching materials; third, vigorously promote the construction of new digital textbooks,Try to innovate and explore the cross textbooks of disciplines in combination with digital technology。Subsequent,President Zhao Zhongxiu awarded a letter of employment for the new teaching materials construction committee。

Secretary Huang Baoyin made a summary speech and pointed out,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the national college ideological and political work conference that "the construction of textbooks is an important support for educating talents。What kind of textbook system is built,What is the teaching material for the core textbook、What value does you advocate,Reflection of national will,Is a state of power ",The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed "Strengthening Teaching Materials Construction and Management"。We must conscientiously implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping on the construction of textbooks,w88 casinoAccording to the unified national deployment,Do it to do a good job of teaching materials for our school。Huang Baoyin emphasizes the construction and level of teaching materials for a high -level university,Significant meaning。In recent years,Our school has improved the work system and mechanism of the teaching materials、Strengthening the construction of the system、Reinforcement textbook management、Building a high -quality textbook system and other aspects,Promoting the construction of textbooks solidly,Make sure high -quality textbooks enter the classroom,Make significant results。But with national requirements、Brother colleges and universities compared to the needs of talent training in our school,We still have a large gap,Need us to attach great importance、Strengthen research、Accelerate construction。Textbooks are an important manifestation of the academic level of scholars and their academic team,It is an important manifestation of the level of disciplinary construction,It is also an important manifestation of the results of education evaluation and evaluation,It is an important manifestation of the influence of school academic research。

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To promote the high -quality development of our school's teaching materials,Secretary Huang Baoyin put forward requirements,First, to strengthen the organization leader。The School Teaching Material Construction Committee as an important agency in charge of the construction and management of teaching materials,We must firmly grasp the correct political direction and value orientation of the work materials,​​Improve the management system and mechanism of the textbook,Highlighting problem orientation、Make up shortcomings and weaknesses、Pay close attention to work implementation。To fully grasp the country's new requirements and new standards for teaching materials,Clarify the goals of our school's textbooks、tasks and measures,Make sure that the implementation of various tasks will be detailed,Promote the cultivation and construction of a group of national planning textbooks and excellent textbooks。The second is to strengthen analysis and judgment。The School Teaching Material Construction Committee shall combine the school w88 live casinodevelopment positioning、Disciplinary advantages and talent training needs,Incorporate the construction of textbooks into the discipline、Professional、Course integrated construction and reform。Short board and deficiencies for the construction of school textbooks,Find the cause carefully,Actively learn from reference; focus on the focus and advantage of the discipline and majors of our school,Strengthen organizational,Put forward key points and strategies; new trends for national strategic needs and talent training,Strengthening emerging fields、cutting -edge field、Featured areas,Plan and layout in advance。Third, we must speed up the planning and construction of high -quality textbook system。Strengthen the construction of philosophy and social science textbooks,Construction of a batch reflects Chinese characteristics、Philosophy and social science textbooks that studies Chinese problems; strengthen the docking with national first -class courses and first -class professional construction,Create the advantage of showing the subject of our school、Reflecting professional features、Professional curriculum textbooks that adapt to student system learning; strengthen cross -disciplinary textbooks、Aesthetic education and general education curriculum teaching materials,Meet the needs of cross -composite talent training; strengthen graduate textbooks、Construction of Teaching Materials for International Students; Strengthen Experiment、Practical textbooks and construction of innovative and entrepreneurial education textbooks,better improve students' comprehensive literacy、Practical ability、Innovation and entrepreneurial ability; strengthen the use of modern information technology means,Construction of digital textbooks,Support teaching innovation and learning revolution。Fourth is to increase support for support。The whole school must fully understand the construction of textbooks in "Bacon Soul、Enlightenment of Qi Zhi Menghui ",From the operation mechanism、Funding investment、performance guidance and other aspects,Concentrated strong joint force,The guarantee system for building textbook construction。Teaching Materials Committee must w88 live casinogive full play to the role of experts and scholars,Strengthen the writing of textbooks、The construction of the review and management team,Improve the professional level of teaching materials。Establish and improve the supervision and evaluation mechanism of teaching materials,Check and evaluation of the work materials regularly,Ensure the standardization and effectiveness of the work materials。At the same time,Strengthen other universities、Scientific research institutions、Cooperation and exchange of industry companies,Jointly develop high -quality textbook resources。Written through cooperation、Resource sharing, etc.,Improve the level and influence of teaching materials。

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Textbooks are an important support for educating talents,is to solve "who cultivates who cultivate、How to cultivate people、Who trains the fundamental question of the fundamental question "。In the next step, our school will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Implement the important exposition of General Secretary Jinping on education and the spirit of important instructions on teaching materials,Comprehensively grasp the country's new requirements for teaching materials construction,Clarify the goals of our school's textbooks、tasks and measures,Solidly promote the work of teaching materials to a new level、Get new results。

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