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Professor Zhang Yi in the School of Government Management Published in "Academic Monthly"

Release time: May 22, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 online casinoThe latest research results of Professor Zhang Yi and collaborators "Constructing China's independent public policy evaluation knowledge system: necessity、Basic Framework and Main Road "Published in" Academic Monthly "in April 2024。

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Main point of view

w88 online casinopublic policy assessment has a long history in China,Early applications can be traced back to the assessment of officials and achievements of the officials since the Han Dynasty,Public policy evaluation based on social science method theory on the 20th century, and drive together,It is one of the two source flow applications for public policy evaluation。Public policy assessment as a social sciences The application in China began in the 1950s,The academic research and exploration of public policy evaluation theory began around 2000。The existing public policy assessment knowledge system is mainly in two aspects: First, the initial initially of the evaluation of the knowledge system was introduced.,With the entry of China's public policy evaluation system into the construction of the system and mechanism, deep -water zone,The inadequateness between Western theories that constitutes the architecture of the knowledge system is becoming increasingly prominent; second, the localization evaluation theory of major policies and practical orientation has achieved great progress,Strong applicability, but insufficient universality and academicity,Can't contribute to higher -level knowledge systems。Application knowledge based on evaluation issues and practice has not effectively accumulated the knowledge of theory and systematic knowledge according to the discipline framework,Not conducive to knowledge production、Knowledge gathering and the deepening development of the knowledge system。

a、The historical and subject foundation of the construction of the knowledge system of public policy evaluation

Public policy evaluation knowledge system is a collection of some knowledge units formed by deepening the exclusive proposition of this subject。In short, w88 online casinopublic policy assessment includes three core propositions: judgment (value) standard,Data collection and analysis method、Application (mode),and the corresponding reasoning logic。So far,Most of the evaluation application mode is in w88 casino games loginthe paradigm、Methodology、Value orientation、The standards of judgment assessment conclusions are all reflected in different degrees of mixed。

Knowledge accumulation of w88 online casinopublic policy assessment is bidirectional。General research -based knowledge focuses on rigor and emphasizes practicality,But as a practical science knowledge requires double obstacles to mutual transformation between scientific research and established practical fields。Knowledge conversion of public policy assessment has two -way nature,The collaboration between researchers and actual workers accumulate knowledge,is "Knowledge generated in action",Knowledge conversion is practical experience、The process of promoting the technique into the theory。

Public policy evaluation knowledge system presents dynamic features evolved from low -level to high -level knowledge units in its development history。At the macro level,The content of the knowledge system of w88 online casinopublic policy assessment is an orderly collection of concepts and theories formed by three basic propositions。Compared with a more stable structure at the macro level,New classifications、Gradually deepen until a complex knowledge unit,The internal association structure is dynamic。This is due to,Public policy evaluation is guided by solving complex problems,Has high flexibility in practice、Innovation and creativity,Usually with the paradigm conversion and cross -disciplinary tools、Introduction to the introduction of concepts is constantly iterating into new knowledge structure。

2、The necessity of constructing China's independent public policy evaluation knowledge system

w88 online casinopublic policy assessment is policy formulation and implementation、The basis for revising or termination,It plays an important role in the process of the construction and governance of the national governance system。January 20, 2015,China Office、"Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of New Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics" issued by the State Council,It is clearly proposed to establish a sound policy evaluation system。October 31, 2019,"The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on adherence to and improving the socialist system with Chinese characteristics to promote the national governance system and governance capabilities to modernize several major issues" proposes a sound decision -making mechanism,Investigation and research on strengthening major decision -making、Scientific argument、Risk assessment,Strengthen decision -making execution、Evaluation、Supervision。October 29, 2020,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Fourteenth Five -Year Plan for the Development of the National Economic and Social Development and the 2013 Fast Vision Goal "proposes" Improve Major Policy Evaluation and Post -Evaluation System "。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,"To establish a scientific evaluation mechanism,Comprehensively evaluate the effect of reform ","Major reform measures are led by the whole body,Be stable and prudent。Before the reform measures were introduced,It must be repeatedly demonstrated and scientific evaluation,Effective effectiveness "。

w88 casino gamesThe introduction and starting of the discipline of public policy evaluation disciplines will start around 2000,The central task of the party and the country puts forward major requirements for theoretical and practice of decision -making,w88 online casinopublic policy assessment as a work and special research field has begun to attract attention。History of the evolution of the knowledge system of Chinese public policy evaluation、The completeness of the subject system and the development of the theoretical system are embedded in the process of modernization of the state governance,Important nodes of institutional reform and policy advancement have promoted the construction of the evaluation knowledge system。

Evaluation theory as a concept or proposition as a specific position,It is a specific solution proposed for the basic issues of evaluation practice,With high degree of applicability。Applicability is consistency,Evaluation rules and behavior systems are rooted in the political -social structure,The concept of evaluation theory、Positions and claims The value and culture of the system that should be affiliated to the decision -making link、Formally System、Rules and procedures are consistent,Due to the definition of the political community and national governance system, and how to evaluate。The applicability of Western evaluation theory and Chinese national conditions,It mainly refers to whether it is consistent with the three major system elements of the evaluation system,that is the political system (regulatory elements)、Cultural tradition (cultural - cognitive element) and values ​​(standard elements)。

3、The basic framework of China's independent public policy evaluation knowledge system

The academic system and the discipline system are both the knowledge system structure presented in classification。Although the formation and evolution of the two systems are spontaneous,The disciplinary system is more reconstructed,The institutionalization of knowledge production。but,The problem of the real world is not entirely organized and constructed in accordance with the single classification of academic or disciplines,From a multi -dimensional perspective, perspective knowledge system will present different structures and evolution paths。So,From the academic system framework、Disciplinary system framework and cross -disciplinary framework three structured perspectives to portray the public policy evaluation knowledge system framework,More accurate and comprehensive。

The academic system is generated,It is a specific context and association structure that gradually accumulates around the proposition through theory。The position of theory in the classification system reflects its logical location and unique contribution of its belonging to the general framework。So far,The academic system composed of public policy evaluation theory presents basic theory、Three levels of knowledge construction and application mode。

The subject system is the human system to divide the mechanism,It can effectively play organizational management functions in the production of knowledge。Construction of China's independent w88 online casinopublic policy assessment discipline system must start from the Chinese issue,But you cannot stop at individual identifiable concepts and theoretical construction,Instead, we must further comprehensively specify and empirical、System and Elements、Theoretical framework and application mode、Multi -angle logic and hierarchy such as general theory and empirical evaluation。China's independent public policy evaluation knowledge system discipline framework includes: (1) evaluation value and function at the standard level。(2) The public policy evaluation system and constituent elements at the institutional level。(3) Public policy evaluation theory at the mid -view level。(4) Public policy evaluation mode at the application level。Evaluation practice is diversity and complexity,According to the characteristics of the application field and other aspects, it usually forms a special evaluation path design, that is, the evaluation mode。(5) Public policy assessment method at the empirical level。(6) Evaluation specifications and management at the ethical and cultural level。

From the discipline sources that constitute the basic theory of public policy evaluation,Cross disciplines mainly come from economics、Statistics、Political Science、Ethics、Public Management、Public policy, etc.;,Disciplinary span and application scope of policy assessment are very wide; but w88 online casinopublic policy assessment has a integrated general theory,Suitable for a wide range of interdisciplinary areas。Public policy evaluation as a special characteristics of theoretical innovation as a cross -disciplinary discipline,That is the endless complex assessment issues that continue to expose the boundaries and implicit assumptions,By surpassing the boundaries of the discipline, but also continuously integrates theoretical integration in a common direction (including paradigm、mode、Tools、Methods, etc.) Create new theories and knowledge。

4、The main ways to construct China's independent public policy evaluation knowledge system

With the rise of China's comprehensive national strength and the status of the international community,From individual logo concepts and local theoretical innovation to overall theoretical interpretation and macro、The complete independent knowledge system,It is the mission and responsibility of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the new era and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

The evolution of the knowledge system of public policy evaluation is both a spontaneous and conscious scientific exploration process,It is also the process of managing knowledge creation and institutionalization of knowledge。Specific: (1) Constructing China's independent w88 online casinopublic policy assessment knowledge system based on the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era;,The subjectivity of the Chinese spirituality of the Chinese spirit should be used for the constructing Chinese spirit,and the knowledge transformation and integration of traditional culture and modern public policy assessment in the system and structure fit。(3) Research summarizes the establishment of New China, especially in the w88 casino games loginnew era.。Based on Chinese practice、China Question,Forms a more universal and forward -looking theoretical system and practical science,Can be directly embedded and led the operation and exploration of the national governance modernization process and the evaluation system with Chinese characteristics。To balance the autonomy and academicity,Establish a practical science from "China Explanation World" to "China Services the World"。(4) Learning、Absorption、Drawing on the theory of assessment of public policy abroad。China's independent public policy evaluation knowledge system is open and tolerant,It is constructed in the basis of continuous development and condensing and enhancement of the knowledge of global public policy assessment knowledge。First of all, the theoretical innovation guided by the system theory。Second,Deepen the type of learning analysis of the knowledge system at the theoretical level,The overall cognition of establishing a knowledge system to clarify the position and location of the research of academic community (starting point).,This is also an important way to build an autonomous public policy evaluation knowledge system。(5) Actively promote the institutionalization and organizationalization of Chinese public policy assessment of knowledge production。

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Zhang Yi,Professor of the School of Government Management of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,Director of the Chinese Society of Administrative Management。The research direction is digital governance and supervision、Public Service Cooperation Supply、w88 online casinopublic policy assessment and case research method, etc.。In Journal of Acia Public Policy、"Management World" and "Chinese Administrative Management" and other domestic and foreign authoritative journals have published more than 40 papers,Many papers were selected as a high -influence paper in China Zhiwang。

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