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Hainan Research Institute actively participated in the application work of the Hainan Economic and Trade Hainan Provincial Talent Team

Release time: May 23, 2024 Edit: Yu Lu

w88 casinoRecent,The Office of the Talent Leading Group of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China announced the list。Hainan Institute of Economics and Trade Vocational and Technical College "Hainan Modern Vocational Education Science and Education Innovation Team" "Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong, Industry, Research, Innovation Cultural Tourism Vocational Education Innovation Team" was selected as the "Hainan Provincial Talent Team"。

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Hainan Modern Vocational Education Science and Education Integration Innovation Team member long -term service modern vocational education,34 papers in core journal papers in recent years,More than 30 issues approved by the provincial level。The team will actively promote the integration and innovation of vocational education research and vocational education reform.,Exploring the path of the institutional mechanism and mechanism of vocational education science and w88 casino gameseducation integration,Construction of the practice base and community of modern vocational education science and education fusion practice,Constructing a new model of cross -disciplinary talent training that adapts to Hainan free trade port modern high -tech industrial technical system,Tell the story of vocational education innovation in the new era,Responsive "Strong Country Construction、What is education?。

Hainan Research Institute actively participated in the application of the Hainan Provincial Talent Team of Hainan Education "Hainan Modern Vocational Education Science and Education Increasing Innovation Team"。mid -September 2023,Executive Dean Chang Wenlei is tight in the application time、When the task is heavy,A way with other team members,Group strategies,Delivery,Careful writing the declaration form,Set up、Summary support material,Submit the application materials at the prescribed time。

w88 casino games loginAccording to the "Implementation Measures for the Construction of Talent Team in Hainan Province (Trial)",Hainan Provincial Talent Team Enjoy Priority Recommendation Declaration of State or Provincial Science and Technology Projects,Team members refer to the relevant service guarantee benefits with reference to the establishment of the headquarters with reference to the establishment system,Participate in support policies such as "Hainan Excellent Talent Team"。

September 23, 2020,The list of the first batch of "Double Hundred" talent teams in Hainan Province (100 people team and 100 reserve talent teams)。

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