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Professor Professor of Trade Daichi Mandarin was selected as ICSID mediator

Release time: June 03, 2024 Edit:

w88 online casinoAccording to the latest news of the official website of ICSID,Seven international investment arbitration experts in my country have been appointed as the World Bank Group's "Internal Center for settlement of Investment Disputes, ICSID) The new mediators and arbitrators。where,Professor Chi Manjiao of the Law School is appointed as one of the medium,Six years in office,From May 16, 2024 to May 16, 2030。

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Professor Chi Manjiao is the professor of international law of our college、Doctoral supervisor,The main research areas include international economic governance、Discussion Solution and Sustainable Development,former vice chairman、Vice Chairman of China International Investment Arbitration Forum、Member of the Executive Committee of the American International Law Society、Executive Director of the China International Law Society、The United Nations Asia -Pacific Council Council and the International Trade Center and other international organization consultants,I was invited to at the w88 casino games loginHague International Law Research Institute、United Nations International Law Trial Library Teaching,Many major arbitration agencies at home and abroad and arbitrators and European alliance trade and sustainable development dispute Solutions Solutions Solutions Program chief arbitrators,Experience with an important international academic influence and rich international dispute solution。

The center was established based on the 1965 Washington Convention,Currently there are 165 contracting countries,The headquarters is located in Washington,One of the members of the World Bank Group。The center of the center maintains the arbitrators and register,Each party can appoint up to 8 arbitrators and mediators to the center,Disputes can specify arbitrators in the case through two registers、Mediation clerk and the Ruling Council member。Center is the most w88 casino games loginimportant arbitration agency for resolving international investment disputes,It is also the most frequently agreed dispute solution agency in the international investment agreement,It plays an important role in international investment governance,To date, about two -thirds of the world's international investment dispute cases are submitted to the center for treatment。

Professor Chi Manjiao was appointed to the center is not only recognition of its academic and practical achievements,It also fully shows the influence of law schools in the field of international law research and practice。

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