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New Standards Under the Standard, Hua Study Abroad Foundation Education High -quality Development Symposium was held

Release time: May 21, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

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New Standards Under the Symposium on High -quality Development of Preparatory Education of Hua Study Abroad

School News Network News (Supply of International College)Chancin fluttering the Forbidden Shine,Spring breeze is warm and warm。May 16,One of the 70th Anniversary of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade to study in China -the new standard will be held in the International Exchange Building Seminar for the successful development of the China Studies.。Secretary -General of the State Study Fund Management Committee for Student Construction、Director of the Management Department of China Li Yanguang、President of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade Zhao Zhongxiu,More than 80 representatives from more than 30 professional colleges and scholarships from more than 30 professional colleges and scholarships in the country participated。This meeting was chaired by Liu Jinlan, president of the International College。

The Secretary -General of the Student Construction Student Student Student Student Student Studies and Construction of the State Study abroad Fund,He pointed out,Chinese government scholarship undergraduate coming to China preparatory education is the general practice of following international students' education,Pilot began in 2005,And the outline of the national long -term education reform and development plan,Since its full implementation w88 casino games loginsince 2010, under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education,The National Study Fund Commission and all preparatory colleges up to the original intention of educating people,Follow the basic laws of education,The main line of the quality of cultivation quality,Gradually explore a set of training systems and education models that meet the characteristics of studying in China,Establish a preparatory education mode that is in line with China's national conditions,Cultivated a stable professional preparatory teacher team,Effectively guarantee the training quality of the Chinese government scholarship undergraduate to come to China。Secretary -General of the Student Construction Studies particularly emphasized,The 20th major structure of the party painted the grand blueprint and practical path of building a socialist modern power country,General Secretary Xi Jinping's 5.29 important instruction spirit last year made a systematic deployment for comprehensively accelerating the construction of an educational power,It has pointed out a new forward direction for the establishment of an educational power for 2035。Leading the University of Foreign Economics and Trade held a new standard.,I hope that the participating experts and scholars can take this opportunity to discuss in depth、Full argument,Promoting suggestions for the development of preparatory education for studying in China for the new standard。

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President of the University of Economics and Trade Zhao Zhongxiu Welcome to Victory。President Zhao Zhongxiu briefly introduced the development process of the University of Economic and Trade to the participants,It is pointed out that studying in China from the University of Foreign Economic and Trade began in 1954,It is one of the earliest colleges and universities in New China to come to China。Over the years,The school adheres to "with education quality as the core,Demand with student needs,The school concept of running with characteristics and brand development,Due to unique management concepts、Constantly innovative working methods,Our school coming to China to study in China has always been at the forefront w88 casinoof Chinese universities。Under the unremitting efforts of several generations of trades,School coming to China to study in China is in the overall size、Student structure、School level、Teaching and management levels have always maintained a leading position among universities across the country,It continues to promote the quality change from the school's "big school" to "strong school" from studying abroad education in China,Strive to rank among the internationally renowned and high -level universities。President Zhao Zhongxiu introduced that the trade was greater than the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2015,Beginning to undertake the training of preparatory students of the Chinese government scholarship,For 10 years,Under the leadership of the Fund Committee of the Ministry of Education、With the support of your brother colleges,The preparatory course of the Da Lai China has formed its own distinctive training mode。

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Dean Liu Jinlan introduced the leaders and guests of the meeting,And more than 80 representatives from 36 preparatory colleges and professional colleges across the country have expressed the warmest welcome and sincere gratitude。Dean Liu Jinlan proposed that this year is the 70th anniversary of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade from the University of Foreign Economics and Trade,In January this January of the National Study Abroad Fund Management Committee, the "Notice on the Implementation of the" Standards for Education for Study in China ",Requires the full implementation of various preparatory colleges、Effectively do a good job of the pre -education and training of the Chinese government scholarship。To fully implement the notice requirements,Adapt to the new situation,Standards for the new standard,Leading preparatory education with new standard concepts ushered in new breakthroughs and development,Special hosted by the University of Foreign Economic and Trade,It aims to discuss the high -quality development path of pre -education education in China,Exploring the problems and solutions of preparatory education and undergraduate teaching related streets。

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Vice Dean Du Xiuping of Tianjin University International Education College made the theme w88 online casinoof "High -quality Development and Exploration of Promoting Education in Polytechnic Preparatory Education under New Standards"。Vice President of Liang Society, the School of International Education of Nanjing Normal University, made the theme of "High -quality Development and Exploration of Economic and Trade Preparatory Education under New Standards"。Professor Zhai Yan, the Preparatory Education Center of Beijing Language University, made the theme of "Strong base expansion and high virtue -New Liberal Arts Professional Chinese Construction Thinking"。Deputy Dean Yanan, School of International Education, Shandong University, made the theme of "High -quality development and exploration of medical preparatory education under the new standard"。Dean Liu Tao of the International Chinese College of Northeast Normal University has made the theme of "National Education of International Students in the Syndrims Management Field"。Five experts around the status quo of various types of Chinese textbooks、Questions in the textbook、Textbooks put forward their own opinions in the development path of new standards,Textbooks put forward their own opinions in the development path of new standards、Teaching content Intelligent upgrade、Smart educating moral education dual -line measuring。Emphasize that preparatory education needs to further strengthen the management of convergence,Models supported with each other with equal emphasis on teaching and management。

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Director of the Preparatory Department of the International College of the International College Xiu Mei Hao Mei Hosted the Chinese and Science and Technology Chinese Preparatory Teaching Workshop,Two teachers of the Preparatory Department of the International College moved the classroom to the venue,Use a 20 -minute compressed version of the teaching process to show the characteristics and highlights of our school's preparatory teaching,I introduced to a professional college the connection courses before the preparatory students entered the professional study。

Dean Liu Jinlan made a meeting summary,and introduced the 70th anniversary of our school to study in China and the relevant situation of the 20th International Cultural Festival,and sincerely invite guests with guests w88 live casinoto share this cultural feast。

As Secretary -General of the Planning Promotion Committee of the undergraduate preparatory education guidance committee in China,Part of the scientific research of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade undertaken the national preparatory education、Organization、Coordination work。After years of theoretical exploration and practice innovation,A distinctive features have been formed、Quality and Effects come to China Economic and Trade Preparatory Training Mode。According to the work deployment of the Ministry of Education,In 2025。Approved by the Ministry of Education,Since March this year, the preparatory education standard for studying in China will be the training and assessment standard for Chinese government scholarships to study in China。The "New Standard Under the New Standard Under the Symposium on the High -quality Development Seminar of the China Studies" organized by our school "、Promoting the innovation of preparatory education model、Breakthrough development of preparatory education is of great significance。

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