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Special lectures on the integrity education of graduates of China Finance Institute: Financial practitioners compliance according to law

Release time: May 23, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 casino gamesIn order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education Deepness,Guide graduates to strengthen their ideals and beliefs,Establish integrity and self -discipline,Integrity and slim body、Integrity industry,The first step to take a good way to society。May 16, 2024 18:00,Chinese Academy of Finance organizes the special lecture on the integrity education of undergraduate graduates "Financial Practitioners · Compliance of Law"。Lecture invites Associate Professor Bian Yang, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Financial College of Finance of the Chinese Academy of Finance,Secretary of the Second Party Branch of the Second Party Branch of the Chinese Academy of Finance、Level 2020 Counselor Xu Shuo, chaired,All students of the 2020 undergraduate graduation grade of China Institute of Finance participated。

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Associate Professor Bian Yang first start with the core spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and the practice requirements of financial culture with Chinese characteristics,Explaining the underlying logic of the financial industry facing moral risks and operating risks,Emphasize operation according to law、The importance of compliance operation,and use the positive cases of "Shanxi Ticket Number" and the negative cases of the crime of financial practitioners.。other,Associate Professor Bian Yang shared the exploration of the Chinese Academy of Finance in clean financial and cultural construction,Further reveals the first buttons of the graduates w88 casinoof graduation.,Internalized anti -corruption consciousness in the heart,Externalization。

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Through this clean education special lecture activity,Graduation students from China Finance Institute deeply integrated into the cultivation of the college's clean financial culture。Financial practitioners shall comply with law,Every financial student must be honest and slim、Integrity industry,can we work hard in your goals and directions,Take integrity and self -discipline as the bottom line,Financial person with a capital!

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