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"My Campus Story" theme activity seminar held at our school

Release time: May 28, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

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School News Network News(Contribution of International College)On the afternoon of May 24,Symposium on the theme event of the 2024 "My Campus Story" hosted by China Daily was held at our school。Principal Zhao Zhongxiu、Editorial Council of China Daily、Teachers and students from our school and from Communication University of China、Tianjin University、Beijing Institute of Technology、Northwestern University of Technology、Dalian Medical University and other universities from teachers and students from other universities attended the seminar。

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President of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade Zhao Zhongxiu delivered a speech at the seminar

Zhao Zhongxiu said,"My Campus Story" theme activity is one of the special brand activities of China Daily,Highly praise from teachers and students and praise from all parties in the society,attracts Chinese and foreign teachers and students from many universities including the University of Foreign Economic and Trade.。2024 is the 70th Anniversary of Studying Education in China。70 years,Trade University always keeps pace with the times,Fully serve the national foreign situation,Cultivated a large number of international talents who know Huayouhua,Expert in education for studying in China。Based on the new era,Trade University to promote the establishment of a community of human destiny as the lead,Actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road”,Further improve the training system of high -level w88 casino games logininternational talent,Promoting Chinese and foreign teachers and students to know each other。Looking forward to more Chinese and foreign friends to participate in the event,Let the world know a three -dimensional colorful、China's upward China,jointly promoting the cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign people and the friendship of the people of various countries。

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The editorial board of China Daily, Ji Tao, delivered a speech at the seminar

Ji Tao said,University is a sign of the progress of human civilization,It is an important link for civilized communication and mutual learning。In today's Chinese University campus,Sino -foreign teachers and students can learn from each other、The moving scene of common growth。Current,China is striving to promote the modernization of Chinese -style modernization,The majority of teachers and students are both grasses、Participants,More witnesses、Recorders。I hope to work with you the "My Campus Story" theme series activity,Use more real and warm Chinese stories,To promote civilized communication and learning、Practicing the global civilization initiative、Promote the w88 live casinoconstruction of a community of human destiny to contribute youth wisdom and youth forces。

At the seminar site,From Japan、shared their own campus stories,It means that the bridge that will build the excellent traditional culture of China,Let more people know China。

"My Campus Story" theme event is hosted by China Daily,China Daily、21st Century News Agency、China Daily Client、China Foreign Affairs Information Service Platform · Study Abroad China jointly hosted by China; Event invites Chinese and foreign teachers and students、Alumni sharing in English to share with individuals in English during Chinese universities' learning or teaching、I heard、I feel,Show the style of Chinese universities in the new era and the exchange of youths of Chinese and foreign youths。It has been held for two consecutive years for two consecutive years,Among them, more than 200 universities in the country participated in 2023,Contributors come from 129 countries and regions around the world。

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