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Trade event

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w88 online casinoTo promote the development of disciplines and academic exchanges,The Academic Journal Department will hold a lecture on the "Focusing on the Student Strikes of Academic Development" experts。May 9, 2024,Online academic lectures with the theme of the "International Trade Research Topics and Methods" are successfully held,The lecture was from Vice President of Nankai University、Professor Sheng Bin, a top scholar in the field of international trade research,Director of the Academic Journal Department, Professor Hua Ying hosted。Online lectures live broadcast w88 online casinothrough Tencent Conference and the University of Foreign Economic and Trade University live broadcast,The number of participants exceeds 9200 people,received by the majority of scholars。

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The lecture introduces the research on the cutting -edge and research method of the introduction of international trade for the majority of young scholars,Guide the majority of doctoral degree in school writing academic papers。Professor Sheng Bin from "General Principles of Topics", "Factors for International Trade Research Topics", "New Title Analysis of International Trade Research", "Research Topics Selection Suggestions", "Mystery of successful topics" Expand,step by step、In -depth analysis of all aspects of topic selection,Provided with useful research ideas for scholars。In the lecture,Professor Sheng Bin also compared high -quality literature at home and abroad in the past two years,Analysis of the topic and focus of the selection of international w88 casino gamestrade research at home and abroad。Selection of interesting for young scholars,Professor Sheng Bin believes,Pay attention to professional research dynamics at home and abroad、Follow the domestic and foreign situation and policy dynamics、Extended topic selection、Discover typical factual features、Determine the research goals、Fully and thorough grasp of literature、Create and improve new economic indicators and variables、Select the appropriate research method。About "The Mystery of the success of the topic",Professor Sheng Bin summarized eight words: investment、Ability、Intuition、Luck。

Last,The lecture also set up a question and answer link,Professor Sheng Bin on the research direction of the world economy professional、Contact of trade and new productive forces、The prospects and challenges of digital trade research have communicated with the participants。Director Zhang Jie, director of the "International Trade Issues" editorial w88 casinodepartment, summarized and expressed thanks for the high level of Professor Sheng Bin。

This lecture was strongly supported by the Propaganda Department of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade,Get a good effect。The Academic Journal Department will continue to hold a series of lectures,By understanding the latest development and research results of academic frontier,Constantly improving the influence of academic journals in our school,Promoting academic exchanges and academic development。

Academic Journal Department

May 9, 2024