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Our school held the employment and entrepreneurial work promotion meeting of the 2024 graduates

Release time: May 21, 2024 Edit: Yu Lu

w88 live casinoRecent,Our school held a 2024 graduate employment and entrepreneurial work promotion meeting on the third floor of the Integrity Building。Principal Zhao Zhongxiu attended the meeting,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Zhang Xiaofeng chaired the meeting。The head of the member unit of the leading group of employment and entrepreneurship,Secretary of the college、Dean,Deputy Dean of Teaching,Deputy Secretary of the Student Work,Graduate Counselor and other more than 70 people attended the conference。

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Video conference on youth employment and entrepreneurship work video conferences such as college graduates and other college graduates will be held in Beijing on May 14th,Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang of the State Council attended the meeting and spoke,School Party Secretary Huang Baoyin, on behalf of the school to attend the conference。May 15,The school holds the Standing Committee of the Party Committee,Secretary Huang Baoyin convey the deployment of the deployment of the w88 casino games loginmeeting for the first time。Recent,The school holds the employment and entrepreneurial work promotion meeting of 2024 graduates,Implement the spirit of the meeting,Promoting employment and entrepreneurship work deeply。

Zhang Xiaofeng, deputy secretary of the school party committee, first conveyed the spirit of the national employment and entrepreneurial work video conference、The "100 -day sprint" action notice of the Ministry of Education and the spirit of Beijing employment and entrepreneurship video conference,Deploy mobilizing school employment and entrepreneurship work。Zhang Xiaofeng pointed out,This meeting is not only a work promotion meeting,It is a sprint mobilization meeting。Graduates High -quality employment is to measure the level of school running、Key indicators for the quality of talent training。He emphasizes,The whole school should study and implement the spirit of the meeting carefully,Promote the effective connection of graduates' employment work and talent training、Full combination,The whole school "one game of chess",Twisted into "a rope",Focus on building all members participation、The full -scale employment pattern promoted in all directions。The 100 -day sprint stage from May to August,College、The department must strengthen organizational planning,Strengthening responsibility implementation,Increase policy support,Do a good job of publicity and guidance,Fully promotes high -quality and full employment in 2024 graduates。

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Director of the Admissions Employment Division Lian Yingqing introduced the employment progress of the 2024 graduate of our school,Detailed analysis of the characteristics and trends of the current employment of graduates,and from focusing on coordinating coordination、Popularize the supply of the job、Popularize employment guidance、Starting to warm the heart help、Focus on employment monitoring、Liech if you focus on w88 online casinograsping the recruitment、Strive to grasp publicity guidance、Focusing on the 8 aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship introduced employment measures。and propose the next stage of key tasks: First, all members promote employment,Opening employment channels; the second is to promote employment,Tackling Spring Period; Third, full -time employment,Employment guidance forward; Fourth, to promote employment,Help with affection; Fifth is to promote employment,Strengthen supervision and monitoring,Persist in grasping the opportunity、Multiple measures to promote the high -quality development of school employment work。

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Dean Wang Tianyi, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Finance, introduced the college's experience measures to promote employment。1 is to strengthen school -enterprise linkage,Shenzhen Tuo employment opportunity; the second is to strengthen employment work protection,Gathering the wisdom of the industry instructor; the third is to grasp the key minority,Do a good job of psychological counseling; the fourth is to strengthen grass -roots employment propaganda,Breakthrough students' employment blind spots; Fifth, make good use of the international master's preparatory program,Pioneering the channels for studying abroad; Sixth is to set up an inverted mechanism,Announced the employment of graduate students。Xiang Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of English, introduced the efforts and exploration of the college in employment work。First, hold a job search experience sharing meeting,Multi -channel providing employment information; the second is to establish an employment account,Pay attention to the employment progress of difficult groups; the third is to rely on the professional development center of college students and the research conference,Organize w88 live casinoa series of job development activities; the fourth is to hold a lecture on the study abroad project,Establish more stable channels for graduates to study abroad。

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President Zhao Zhongxiu's meeting summarizes speech,He said,Employment is the largest people's livelihood project,Graduates from colleges and universities are national treasures of talent,It is the key group of employment and employment。University of Foreign Economic and Trade always attaches great importance to employment,Putting the high -quality and full employment of graduates as the top priority of school education。In recent years, the total pressure of college graduates has continued to increase,Employment situation is more severe,Facing the new situation and new tasks,Zhao Zhongxiu put forward three requirements: First, improve ideas and understand,Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of doing a good job of employment。Efforts to compact responsibilities at all levels,Step in the implementation of the employment work of graduates,Go all out to fight a good job of employment。The second is focusing on key difficulties,Fully excavate and broaden employment and employment channels。Actively connect with the needs of the national strategic industry,Guide graduates to employment at the grassroots level,Promote effective adaptation of talents for supply and demand,Solve the structural contradiction between employment,Enhanced employment and enrollment training。Third is to adhere to multiple measures,Actively build a high -quality employment guidance service system。Strengthen the ideological education and employment guidance of graduates,Strengthen employment assistance to difficult groups,Innovative working carrier and method,Strengthening publicity and guidance。

Zhao Zhongxiu emphasized,The next stage of the w88 casino games loginschool will strengthen the mission,Increase work;,Enhance the accuracy of employment supply and demand; strengthen the help of key groups,Improve the precise policy temperature。Strive to achieve the established goal of employment in a limited time,Write a new chapter of trade University for high -quality development of higher education!

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