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The unveiling ceremony of the campus sculpture of our school promotes the spirit of educators

Release time: May 25, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

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Promoting the spirit of educators to enrich the trade campus culture

The unveiling ceremony of the campus sculpture held by our school

School News Network (Reporter Wang Yan Zhang Yi Wen Ying Yimeng Li Wanlu)May 24th,The unveiling ceremony of the campus sculpture in Shuxiang Plaza。Huang Baoyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School,Principal Zhao Zhongxiu,Vice President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Wen Jun,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Ma Guisheng,Professor Zhang Wei, Director of the Department of Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and representatives of designer teams,Sculptural prototype relatives and friends,The person in charge of the school's functional department and representatives of the college teachers and students attended the event。Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Zhang Xiaofeng presided over the unveiling ceremony。

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(School leader and Mr. Yao Zengyin sculpture)

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(School leader and Mr. Shen Daming sculpture)

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(Unveiling of the school leader and guests for the "teacher -student love" campus sculpture group)

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Secretary Huang Baoyin's speech, point out,Campus sculpture is an important part of campus landscape and campus culture,"Visit、Touch it、Feeling the important facilities of campus culture,It is an important carrier for cultural education and environmental education。In all things、Early summer season of the hundred birds coming,In the shaded trees、Beautiful Hui Garden,As the 40th Teacher's Day is about to usher in,We are full of respect,Mr. Yao Zeng Yin for our school、Mr. Shen Daming's sculpture was unveiled,The "Teacher -Student Love" sculpture with Professor Yu Jin, Professor Yu Jin, the School of International Economics and Trade, Our School。For the 73 years of the Construction School of Trade,Adhere to the strategy of serving the country's reform and opening up,Strong features、Yang advantage、Driven,Yao Zengyin emerged、"Mr. Big" represented w88 casino gamesby Shen Daming and others、Outstanding teacher represented by Yu Jin,We wantLearn them big me、The ideal and beliefs of the country to report to the country; learn to say that they are the rules of the scholar、The moral sentiments of the behavior of the behavior of the behavior; learn them to enlighten the mind、Educating wisdom for teaching according to the aptitude; learning them to study hard、Seeking the attitude of innovation; learning that they are happy to teach、Gan Yu's benevolent love; learn them with the world、Pursue with the Hongdao of Cultural Man。Sculpture standing statue,Is the Director、Mr. Li Da,It is even "the spirit of the educator unique in China"。

Secretary Huang Baoyin said,Added campus sculptures to enrich the cultural landscape of campus,Three sets of sculptures closely linked to the spirit of trade and cultural core,Site selection and casting fit the overall planning of the construction of the trade campus,The effect of presentation shows the charm of the great teacher's teacher,It is the cultural logo of the Trade University;Campus sculpture records show the history of trade colleges,Yao Zengyin、Shen Daming, two old gentlemen, dedicated to the cultivation of the University of Trade、Ten years of teaching and educating people,Professor Yu Jin as "National Outstanding Teacher",I created extraordinary performance in teaching positions。They are the creators of the history of trade school、Witcher,Sculpture physicalization shows their deeds,With the long -lasting existence of the Campus of Trade,Enlisted generations of trade adults to understand the history of trade colleges,Feeling the trade of the trade,Draw the wisdom and strength in the history of school;Campus sculpture condensed and inherited the culture of trade teachers,Mr. Yao Zengyin、The generations represented by Mr. Shen Daming and the ancestors of the trade with the new era and the new era of outstanding teachers represented by Yu Jin,The patriotic beliefs shown in long -term education and teaching、Scientific Spirit、Driven、Lofty personality and professional ability,It is a valuable spiritual wealth for the high -quality development of the University of Trade,It is also the vivid leadership of the goal and working direction of each of us educators at the moment。

Secretary Huang Baoyin emphasized,Trade TeacherTo thoroughly learn the scientific spirit and realistic attitude of the older generation of scholars,Light on the campus with the spirit of the educator;Trade studentsTo inherit and promote the spirit of trade,Showing youth as、Demonstrate youthful style、Contribute youthful power;All teachers and studentsIt is necessary to use the campus sculpture to unveil as an opportunity,firm ideals and beliefs,Dress the mission of the times,Gathering Power、Confidence and self -improvement、Pursue excellence,Striving unremitting struggle to accelerate the construction of a bright world -class university,Building for a strong country、The great cause of the national rejuvenation has made greater contributions。

President Zhao Zhongxiu introduced in detail Yao Zengyin、Shen Daming、"Teacher and Student Love" Campus Sculpture Construction background and design process,and thanks to all units and individuals who give support assistance to the completion of sculptures。To further enrich campus culture form,Better to show the school's cultural heritage,The school invites the Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Design Team to participate in three sets of sculpture design,School leaders have repeatedly inspected the campus style,Seven special meetings of the special meeting for research and deployment in front and back。Zhao Zhongxiu said,Campus sculpture is an important part of school culture,It is also the historical heritage of the school、Cultural value、Concentration of artistic atmosphere and spiritual beliefs。Yao Zengyin、The "first -generation scholar" represented by Shen Daming and the Teacher of the University of Trade, represented by Professor Yu Jin,The development and growth of the school,and the high -quality development of China's foreign trade and foreign trade education.,It has become a child who has been engraved in the hearts of the University of Trade at several generations、Far -influence spiritual wealth。The completion of the campus sculpture,Not only adds a new position for Cultural Education to Trade、The new carrier and the new window of exterior image gathered,It is even more than 70 trade in the process of trade.、The best testimony of promoting the spirit of educators。"Knowing the Institute never,Fang Ming will go ",I hope that the majority of teachers and students can use several gentlemen as models,Chasing the first generation of the bone,Like the responsibility in their respective work and study、踔,Unremitting struggle,Inheritance and carry forward the spirit of trade,Actively contribute to the high -quality development of the school。

"Alpine Yangzhi,Scenic Walk Stop。"Zhang Xiaofeng said when he hosted it,The completion of the campus sculpture,Witness the precipitation of school history,Carrying adults' love and persistence in education。Campus sculpture is not only a beautiful landscape on campus,It is even more for our school's history、Vivid interpretation of culture and spirit。They will inspire each of us,Don’t forget the original heart、Keep the mission in mind,Contribute to the development of w88 casino gamesthe school and the prosperity of the motherland。We want to take today’s activities as an opportunity,In -depth inheritance and promoting the spirit of the Cultural Culture,Jointly promoting the school's various undertakings to continuously move forward。

Mr. Yao Zengyin, the eldest son of Yao Li, speak as a representative of relatives and friends,Thank you for the school,and affectionately recalls the life of his father, Professor Yao Zengyin and his contribution to the construction of my country's international trade discipline。Yao Li said,Mr. Yao Zengyin as an important founder of my country's international trade discipline,Its dedication to career,A trace of meticulous、Research attitude of Jisha Chengta,Dare to tell the truth.,sincerity of people,Respect for the teacher,Carrying with juniors,The enthusiasm for students,is the spiritual wealth left to future generations。The University of Economic and Trade is a well -known college at home and abroad,During decades of development, I have their own excellent inheritance and characteristic research。The teaching conditions and research environment of the school today have been greatly improved than that year,We want to learn to inherit the older generation of things and seek truth and pragmatic、Practical and serious good style,Hope under the leadership of the school,With the joint efforts of all teachers and students,The fine tradition of trade with the big tradition of trade,Create a more brilliant future。

Professor Zhang Wei shared the design ideas of the sculpture,and the Team of the University of Trade University、Teacher Team participating in the creation of the Central Academy of Fine Arts、The prototypes created by this sculpture creation expressed thank you。

May 23, The Party Secretary of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Gao Hong and his party came to our school to learn about the completion of the campus sculpture,and communicate with Secretary Huang Baoyin。Secretary Gao Hong made a high evaluation of the completion of the construction of the campus sculpture of our school,Discussion on cooperation between the two universities,Hope to promote further development of the aesthetic education education between the two schools。

Mr. Yao Zengyin is a well -known international economic and trade scholar in China、The founder of the International Trade Discipline,Long -term research on post -war world economic and international trade issues and teaching work for foreign trade,In 1987, the book "Introduction to International Trade" was published,is the first masterpiece of my country's international trade community; Mr. Shen Daming is an outstanding jurist in China、Educator,The founder of the International Business Law Discipline,w88 casinoAcademic Thai Fighting of the International Trade Law Discipline,Enjoy the "Special Government Allowance" experts of the State Council,and Mr. Feng Datong launched the "International Business Law" course;、Professor Yu Jin, the School of International Economics and Trade, the School of International Economics and Trade, the teacher -student sculpture group,It reflects the tireless teacher of the trade teacher、Facing young students at home and abroad,Student respectable teacher、The strong teacher -student friendship of gratitude cultivation。

To restore the real image of the character,Our school and the design team conduct multiple exchanges and discussions on the design plan,Refer to the real person 1: 1 to make sculpture mud drafts,School leaders and related colleges、The relatives of the functional department and the prototype teacher went to the production site many times,Communicate with the design team,Consultation modification in details,Multiple exploration and real -life simulation,Combined with the campus culture and landscape layout and other factors finally completed。Yao Zengyin、Shen Daming's statues of the two gentlemen are placed on both sides of Jiazi Pavilion,"Teacher and Student Love" Campus Sculpture is located on the north side of Queen's Tower。

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