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China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Liu Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Carama Yi Campus, visited the school and discussed and communicated

Release time: May 27, 2024 Edit: Yu Qing

w88 online casinoOn the afternoon of May 24,China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Liu Jian, secretary of the party committee of the Clarmai Campus, visited our school,Society of discussions around deepening counterpart support,President Zhao Zhongxiu attended the symposium and spoke,Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Minister of the Organization Department Li Jie and relevant departments、College responsible comrades attended the discussion。

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President Zhao Zhongxiu extended a warm welcome to Secretary Liu Jian and his party。President Zhao Zhongxiu said,School attaches great importance to counterpart support,Since the establishment of counterpart support in 2018,The two parties are selected by the teacher、Talent training and other aspects have established good cooperative relationships,achieved significant results。Last year,The Ministry of Education organized 19 subordinate universities to hold counterpart support to support China University of Petroleum (Beijing) Clarma's Campus Construction Work Meeting,Signed a new round of counter support cooperation agreement。The school takes multiple measures for the new round of support,Actively select cadres to communicate with jobs; Select outstanding teachers to Caramari Campus for curriculum lectures、Training of young teachers; select the subject leader to participate in the w88 live casinoconstruction of the counterpart、Graduate training and other tasks; increase students' communication and learning strength。President Zhao Zhongxiu emphasized,The school will start with a new round of counterpart support,Comprehensively deepen the implementation of the counterpart support protocol,Do it by piece、Implementing one by one,Promoting the quality of the counterpart support work to improve efficiency,Promote the win -win development of the two universities,ServiceNational Strategy and local economic and social development make new and greater contributions。

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Secretary Liu Jian expressed heartfelt thanks for our school's strong support for the development of the campus in the past five years。He said,Standing at a new starting point,I hope that the two parties will be based on deepening existing cooperation,Actively promote the upgrade of counterpart support work,Really shift unidirectional support to two -way collaboration,Together with win -win development,Jointly build a new paradigm for counterpart support。

At the symposium,Participants around the co -construction w88 casinojoint graduate school、Cooperation platform construction、Discipline leader、Silver -age teachers and other matters conducted in -depth exchanges。

Sun Jingyu, Director of the General Office of the Clamai Campus of China University of Petroleum、Director of the Graduate Department Yong Taijun,The cadre of our school aid Feng Xiaoqi and the Party Committee Office/Principal's Office、Graduate School、Work Office of retirees、Domestic Cooperation Office、The responsible comrades of the relevant units of the Chinese Academy of Finance attended the symposium。

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