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Trade University Campus Open Days and offline 10,000 people participating

Release time: May 29, 2024 Edit: Yu Lu

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School News Network News (Supply of Admissions Employment Office)May 26, 2024,Early after the rain,Thousands of miles of clear sky,The annual campus open day activities of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade were successfully held! The activities of the campus open day are divided into school policy preaching、On -site booth consultation、School visit and media live broadcast,We ushered in more than 3,000 candidates and parents on the day of the opening day,Online cumulative live broadcast 620,000,Create a new high in history。

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2024 University of Foreign Economic and Trade University's undergraduate enrollment plan is 2240,Admissions plan overall stability,The highlights of the enrollment policy are reflected in the following aspects: First, our school signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,3 new joint training projects w88 casino gamesare enrolled in the country,Including fintech+Beiyou artificial intelligence、Accounting+Beiyi Post Computer、Accounting+Beiyou Fintech; Second, two undergraduate admissions majors have been added with new data science and international economic development cooperation; the third is to add 6 dual bachelor's degree programs,At present, the project has reached 18,Provide candidates with more compound professional options; fourth, the school continues to implement the national "guarantee volunteer" policy in the undergraduate general approval this year,Guarantee candidates who meet the corresponding conditions to admit to their favorite professional。Five is to optimize the policy in Beijing,This year our school has set up 3 admissions professional groups in Beijing,"Unlimited Group", "Physics Group" and "Physics+Chemistry Group"。Among them, the "Unlimited Group" and "Physical Group" meet the first professional volunteers of candidates within 2,000 in the city,"Physics+Chemistry Group" directly meets the first volunteer of candidates。Unlimited Group Implement "6 Insurance 5" policy,The "5 Insurance 4" policy is implemented in the physical group。

Principal "Live Bringing Store", online promotion school

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"Yunyou Campus" activity,President Zhao Zhongxiu introduced the history of school running,He emphasized that the school always adheres to high -quality development,Highlight the characteristics of the word "outer",Focus on talent training,Dedicated to provide students with high -quality educational resources and learning environment,and hope to let more people understand the development process of the University of Trade,w88 casino gamesAward its deep historical heritage and school concept,Interacting with netizens during the live broadcast。

Deputy Secretary Interpretation Policy, analyze the characteristics of enrollment

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Deputy Secretary Zhang Xiaofeng in -depth analysis of the latest enrollment policy this year,He pointed out,School enrollment work this year highlights national strategic needs,More prominent education fairness,More prominently satisfying the expectations of candidates to go to a good college,More prominent school professional advantages and disciplines。Compared with 2023,In 2024, the trade enrollment presents three characteristics: more recruits,Putting professional is better,Enrollment policy is better。

14 Undergraduate Admissions College is in line,Go all out to do a good job of publicity

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14 Undergraduate Admissions College leaders introduce the overall situation of the college,Academic Affairs Office、Admissions Employment Office、International Cooperation and Exchange Office and the Eight University Institutes of Trade and the University of Trade have set up consultation booths,Leaders of each college join hands with professional teachers and outstanding students,Recruitment、Training、Employment、Exchange abroad and other questions answer questions for parents,Provide detailed guidance and suggestions。

Admissions and training policy preaching, show the characteristics of talent training in all aspects

On the third floor of Ningyuan Building,The school grandly held the 2024 enrollment training policy preaching meeting,Director Mao Jie of the Academic Affairs Office introduced in detail the school "educating talents、Fusion Chinese and foreign、w88 casino games loginConnotation Development、Create first -class talent training concept,Explained the school composite talent training goal、Rich talent training model and three -dimensional international education platform。Admissions and Employment Division Wang Peng to the present parents to interpret the latest enrollment policy of 2024,"One -to -one" guides parents of candidates for voluntary application。

Brothers university help on -site consultation, the scene is hot and continuous

Open Day Live School invited Renmin University of China、Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics、Beijing University of Science and Technology、Beijing University of Science and Technology、Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications、China Agricultural University、Beijing University of Foreign Languages、Central University of Finance and Economics、China University of Political Science and Law、Fudan University、Tongji University、Zhejiang University、Sun Yat -sen University、Wuhan University、Sun Yat -sen University、Nankai University、Shanghai University of Finance and Economics、Southwest University of Finance and Economics、Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics and Law, including 53 colleges and universities in Beijing, set up on -site consultation booths at the school,attracted the eager attention of parents and students,The atmosphere at the scene is warm。

Open campus to show the big trade

To comprehensively show the overall school running of our school、Open campus atmosphere and brilliant achievements,The school is particularly open to school history museum、Library、Red Sky Stadium、Simulation Court、Digital Economy Lab、Cultural Gallery of the College,and equipped w88 online casinowith professional interpreters at each point。

The successful held on campus open day,Get the departments in the school、Strong support for each college。The college entrance examination is as soon as possible,My school sincerely wished candidates to win,Gold List Title,The University of Foreign Economic and Trade meets you September,Meet Huiyuan!


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