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Secretary Huang Baoyin participated in the "Law of the People's Republic of China" to implement the seminar and give a keynote report

Release time: June 03, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 live casinoApril 26, 2024,The Ninth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourteenth National People's Congress voted through the "Donestion Law of the People's Republic of China",Starting from January 1, 2025。June 1,"Degree and Graduate Education" magazine and other hosted "Degree Law" to implement the seminar,The theme of the conference is "Degree Law Implementation and Graduate Education High -quality Development",Main issues include the legislative process of the degree law and the main spirit、The degree management system after the degree method is implemented、The degree awarding after the implementation of the degree method、​​The degree quality guarantee after the degree method is implemented、Graduate education reform and development after the implementation of the degree method、The practical results and evaluation standards of the professional degree graduate students。Deputy Director of the Office of the Degree Committee of the State Council、Luan Zongtao, deputy director of the Department of Degree Management and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education、Secretary of the Party Committee of the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education、Director Wang Daquan、Zhang Wei, former party secretary of the Northwest University of Technology, attended the seminar and delivered a speech and made a special report,"Degree and Graduate" magazine president Zhou Wenhui chaired。Secretary Huang Baoyin was invited to attend and make a keynote report。

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Huang Baoyin pointed out in the report,The Ninth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fourteenth National People's Congress voted through the "Degree Law of the People's Republic of China" and implemented from January 1, 2025,It is a major event in the field of degree and graduate education in my country。I am a part of the long -term degree and graduate education work,Sensing excitement。"Degree Regulations" as the earliest education law in my country,After nearly 45 years,In the Chinese degree and research education from scratch、It has played a significant role in the development process of small to large,The passing of the Degree Law is really difficult to come,its connotation is rich and profound,Significant meaning,Publicity interpretation training is very necessary。The Degree Law is accelerated in my country to accelerate the cultivation of innovative talents in the new era,Serving the State Development Strategy,Promoting a major promotion and promotion role from the great country from graduate education to a strong country,It also marks that the Chinese degree system is mature,It provides a strong legal guarantee for the construction of education for the power of education。

Huang Baoyin talks,The relevant regulations on the education of the Degree Law on Professional Degree Graduate Education are major breakthroughs and significant highlights。The Degree Law has a lot of major breakthroughs and institutional innovation compared to the "Degree Regulations",One of the most prominent aspects,It is the clear establishment of professional degree education status and series of regulations。For example, the first of the Degree Law is more complete、More comprehensive,"To regulate the degree award work,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant for the degree,Guarantee degree quality,Cultivation of newcomers in the era of rejuvenation of national rejuvenation,Construction Education Powerful Power、Science and technology power、Talent Power Kingdom,Services to comprehensively build a socialist modern country ","Specification", "Protection", "Guarantee", "Cultivation", "Construction", "Service" and other key words,More times and strategic pointing。Especially expressions about degree types,It is a major breakthrough,long -awaited。Article 2 of the Degree Law stipulates that "the country implements a degree system,Degree is divided into bachelor、Master's degree、Dr.,Including academic degrees、Professional degree and other types,According to the subject category、Professional degree category, etc. ",Determine professional degree status in the law,It is a full confirmation of more than 30 professional degree education and the major implementation of the legal system from institutionality to the legal system,It is profound meaning。At the same time,Demonivity from the degree、Degree award condition、Degree awarding procedure、Degree quality guarantee and other aspects made detailed specific regulations。So,The Degree Law indicates the general direction of the reform and development of graduate education,It also opened a new chapter in the reform and development of professional degree graduate education。

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Huang Baoyin pointed out,my country's professional degree graduate education development has entered the golden period。In recent years,my country's professional degree education is developing quickly,The country has many major policies to introduce,and "Degree Law" jointly built the institutional foundation and legal foundation of professional degree graduate education reform and development。For example Opinions of the Classification and Development of Graduate Education ",These major policies are developed for the scale of professional degrees in my country、Institutional development、High -quality development provides a strong foundation and guarantee。Especially the "Disciplinary Catalog of Graduate Education" is arranged in a unified arrangement on professional degrees and academic degrees,Significantly increased professional degree types and doctoral degree types。There are 14 categories in the new version of the directory,36 doctoral degree categories,Master's professional degree category 31,A professional degree under all categories,Fully reflects the two types of national will of academic degree and professional degree graduate education, as well as a strategic point of the same position as the same position as the same position.,Academic degrees and professional degree Graduate education is an important way to train high -level innovative talents。At the same time,With the in -depth development of the current scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes,Especially the strong development of new quality productive forces,Provides a broad application scenario for high -level application talents,It also proposed an urgent need。It can be said,"Degree Law" is a major manifestation of the results of more than 30 years of reform and development of a professional degree education system with Chinese characteristics,It also marks the improvement of the graduate education system in my country。

Huang Baoyin emphasized,We must focus on deepening professional degree graduate education reform.The legal foundation and policy arrangement of a professional degree has been in place,However。Due to the special characteristics of professional degree education,It must be optimized and cultivated in classification、Classification and sound training mechanism、Classification and sound training mechanism、Category Promoting Degree Papers Evaluation Reform、Classified construction mentor team and other requirements,Classified construction mentor team and other requirements,It is necessary to closely follow the "solid basic theory and special knowledge of the professional field", "professional practice training", "practical achievement defense", "ability to undertake professional practice", "make innovative results in the field of professional practice", "industry Industrial instructor "and other core requirements,Continuously strengthening systematic construction、Basic Construction、Institutional construction,Effectively guarantee the characteristics of professional degree education、Guarantee quality of professional degree training,Effective cultivation "Possess a solid system of professional professional foundation、Strong practical ability、Practical innovative talents with higher professional literacy "。Professional degree Graduate training unit must carefully study and implement the requirements of the Degree Law,Pay attention to professional degree education,Research professional degree graduate education development law,Face the problem and deficiency,Powerful to deepen reforms,Service actual needs,Constantly improve and guarantee the quality of education。At the same time,Combined with its own advantages,Featured Development、Differential development,Effectively promote professional degree Graduate education to better meet the needs of economic and social development,Constantly improving the quality of high -level application -oriented talent training,Establish a good reputation and brand of graduate education with a professional degree with Chinese characteristics。

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