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The Trade University team won the national runner -up

Release time: June 03, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

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Full English Intellectual Property Simulation Tribunal

School News Network News (Draft of Law School)May 25th-26, 2024,The 16th "Beiwai -Wan Huida Cup" Intellectual Property Simulation Court Contest was successfully held at Beijing University of Foreign Languages。As the most international influential simulation court competition in the field of intellectual property law in my country,The 16 teams that come to the competition this year not only include Beijing University of Foreign Languages、Peking University International Law School、China University of Political Science and Law、East China University of Political Science and Law、12 well -known domestic universities such as diplomatic colleges,and including Hungarian Caroli Gaspa New Education University、Malaysian Multimedia University、Vietnam Hanoi University of Law、Cambodia Royal Law and Economics University including 4 well -known overseas universities。

Team of Foreign Economic and Trade University (hereinafter referred to w88 online casinoas the "Trade Congress") under the leadership of the instructor Xu Meiling,Effective training、Cutting Thorns,Finally gotrunner -up,At the same timeadvantages of the high score of the faultIncluding the original defendant2 best book awards,Shining Legal Arena.

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Trade University team all (from left): Xu Ruiyi、Li Runxuan、Dong Siqi、Teacher Xu Meiling、Zhang Xiaoqing、Liao Chongyang、Fu Yucheng、Lu Yisheng

Team introduction

This year's trade team was established in March 2024,A Assistant Professor of Law SchoolXu MeilingTeacher is the instructor,Zhang Xiaoqing(Master of Law of Level 2023-Illegal Studies, Captain Captain),Dong Siqi(Law 2004),Liao Chongyang(Grade 2022 undergraduate foreign experimental class),Li Runxuan(Commercial English Class 2002) Co -worked as a debater and investigator。Student coachesFu Yucheng(Master of Level 2021-Foreign Lawyers direction),Xu Ruiyi(Grade 2021 Undergraduate Experimental Class).

Introduction to the event

"Beiwai-Wan Huida Cup" International Intellectual Property Simulation Court ContestAll EnglishSimulation Court Competition,co -sponsored by the China Intellectual Property Research Association and Beijing University of Foreign Languages,Wan Huida Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.,It is currently ChinaThe most international influenceIntellectual Property Law Simulation Court Contest.

With the increasing influence of China in the global discourse system,Our own international events also attract the world's feelings and learn China's "governing the country according to law",In -depth understanding of China's cutting -edge achievements in the field of intellectual property law。This competition has built a connection world for the national training w88 casinoof high -end foreign -related intellectual property rights.、A new bridge that shows the charm of China's rule of law。

Tournament Quote

This session focuses on a intricate patent dispute case,The difficulty of the case lies in the precision comparison of technical details and the rigor applicable to the law。The paper will be shallow on the paper。In order to accurately understand the component structure and technical principle of concrete pump trucks,The Trade University team is led by the captain Zhang Xiaoqing,Specially to the Sanyi Heavy Industry Maintenance Center in Yanjiao for in -depth research、Interview with multiple technicians,The actual application and industry status of the patented technology,Extremely showing the spirit of the practical exploration of the legal person。

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Trade Council team investigated Sanyi Heavy Industry Maintenance Center

The situation of the event

In the preliminary stage,Trade University TeamFirst gameFighting against Hanoi University of Law,Our debater Zhang Xiaoqing、Dong Siqi to deal with it calmly,Precisely counterattack the opponent's books and debate every flaw,shows extraordinary reactiveness and strict legal logic。Final First War Ceremony,The highest score of the defendant on the day。

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The first game of the preliminary game against the University of Law University, Vietnam

The second game of the preliminary round,The University of Trade Council is the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences。Our ones as the plaintiff first attacked,Debate Liao Chongyang grasped the other party’s weakness and logic errors,Calked response。Defender Li Runxuan actively responded to the judge's attention in the refutation link,Rigid answering questions from the other party,I achieved a good record w88 casinowith excellent performance。

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The second game against the University of China

So far,The Trade Council team advances to the semi -finals with high points。This is not only due to the premium performance of the debaters,It also depends on the high -quality book shape that the team has grinded under the strict requirements of the team captain Zhang Xiaoqing。Final,Our original and defendant's books were evaluated first,Including 2 best books awards,refresh the best results of the trade team before。

With the successful promotion of the trade teamHalf -final,Under the unified leadership of Mr. Xu Meiling,Grouping to study the other party's book,In the semi -finals,Facing the violent offensive of China University of Political Science and Law,Zhang Xiaoqing and Dong Siqi carry the pressure,The outstanding performance was unanimously recognized by the judge,Full ticket promotion final!

The semi -finals against China University of Political Science and Law

This sessionFinalsExpand between the Trade University team and Xiangtan University team。Our debater Zhang Xiaoqing、Dong Siqi continuously combat。Zhang Xiaoqing with solid legal skills and in -depth grasp of technical issues,Johor the judges。Dong Siqi resolved the continuous questioning of judges with fluent English,Directly hit the opponent's thin points。Peak confrontation,Powerfulness and enemy。Difficult evaluation and comprehensive consideration by the judge,The Trade Congress team finally won the runner -up of the country!

Finals against Xiangtan University

Sincerely thank you

This year's trade team has achieved good results,Fully demonstrated the significant achievements in the innovation model of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade。Sincerely thank Dean Mei Xiaying、The support and encouragement w88 casinoof Secretary Li Huanhuan、Leading and help from Vice Dean Gong Hongliu。Thank you instructor Xu Meiling and student coach Fu Yucheng、Xu Ruiyi's careful guidance,Accompany the four players in countless days and nights to fight together。In addition,Thank you Lu Yisheng for providing a solid logistical support for everyone。

Shi Yiqi,Duan Duan into a profit,Although the road ahead is long,Line must be here! I hope that the University of Trade can achieve better results on the road of simulation courts in the future!

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