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The first teacher -student volleyball competition of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade was successfully concluded

Release time: June 04, 2024 Edit: Wenfeng

w88 casino games13:00 on May 30, 2024,The first teacher -student Qi volleyball competition of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade officially kicked off at the sports center。This competition is by the school union、Co -sponsored by the Ministry of Sports,The school faculty and staff volleyball association and the student volleyball association are hosted,sponsored by Huishang Bank,A total of 10 teachers and students from different branches and students participated。The competition aims to fully implement the implementation plan of sports work in the new era,Responsible Ministry of Education、Beijing Education Trade Union promotion slow movement、Call of light exercise,Promote the physical exercise of teachers and students,Create a positive and healthy campus atmosphere。Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Zhang Xiaofeng,Yuan Lixin, Executive Vice Chairman of the School Trade Union,Hu Dongxu, Secretary of the Party Branch directly under the Ministry of Sports、Deputy Director (Host) Li Ford、The representative of Huishang Bank sponsor Xu Ran attended,All participating athletes、Referee participated in the opening ceremony,The opening ceremony was chaired by the athletes of the Law School。

Ministry of Sports Li Ford said in his speech,Air ball ball competition as a light exercise、Slow exercise,It is suitable for all ages,Men and women are not limited,"Display" to remove all difficulties,"Ball" victory,It is an important manifestation of mass sports in the new era。Yuan Lixin, executive vice chairman of the school union, kick off for the game。

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After the start of the game,Each team will quickly enter the competition status,Teachers participating team members with rich experience and stable play,A perfect cooperation with young and dynamic student players。At the same time,Students with agile movements and innovative tactics,Add a lot of highlights w88 casino gamesto the game。With the game,Competition between teams becomes more and more intense。Precise serve、ingenious response、Flexible running position and decisive buckle,Each link tests the technical and wisdom of the players。At the same time,There are many wonderful ball rescue and team collaboration scores in the game,Make the audience at the scene rising,Applause and cheers are one after another。In the final stage,The school -straight one and two united teams and the Economic and Trade Unions have launched a fierce duel,The players on both sides show the indomitable spirit。Final,After a round of wonderful offensive and defensive conversion,A team of the School of Economics and Trade, a member of the School of Economics and Trade, and the Teachers and Students' teams, with a more tacit cooperation and excellent performance,Winning the victory of the game。

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Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Zhang Xiaofeng watched the championship and runner -up battle、Attending the awards ceremony and delivered a speech。Congratulations to the success of our school's first teacher -student Qi volleyball competition,Every athlete to the competition、The hard work of the referee and the staff at the scene expressed his gratitude。He said,This competition fully demonstrates the good mental state of the trade teachers and students。Groups like gas volleyball,Competition is not just w88 casinoathlete physical fitness and skills,More importantly, to compete with each team to unite and collaborate、Fighting hard、Persevere to the end、The spirit of dare to win。Future,The school will continue to promote a variety of mass sports events,Let more teachers and students participate,Give full play to the function of sports and education。

Last,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Zhang Xiaofeng、Yuan Lixin, Vice Chairman of the Trade Union,Hu Dongxu, Secretary of the Party Branch directly under the Ministry of Sports、Deputy Director Li Ford、The representatives of Huishang Bank sponsor representatives awarded prizes for the winning teams。

This teacher -student volleyball competition not only enhances the friendship between teachers and students,It also shows the unity and cooperation of teachers and students from the University of Foreign Economic and Trade、Stubborn and hard -working sports spirit。School Union、The Ministry of Sports and the Interests Association of various faculty and staff will continue to promote the development of school sports and cultural undertakings,Provide teachers and students with more pleasant body and mind、Enhancement collaboration、Enhancement collaboration,Promote the high -quality competition and activities of the school。

Attachment: The results of the first teachers and student gas volleyball competition at the University of Foreign Economic and Trade

w88 online casino1st place: Branch of the School of International Economics and Trade

2nd place: School Straight One, Two Branch Union

Tied No. 3: Law School Branch and School of Statistics

Piece 5th: Sports union、Business School Branch、Guoguan Guohe Branch、School of Government Management College、Institute of English School Branch、Logistics and infrastructure sanctions

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