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Standardized talent training and discipline construction symposium successfully held

Release time: June 11, 2024 Editor: Wang Yan

w88 casinoJune 6, 2024,Under the support guidance of the Standard Innovation Department of the State Supervision Administration,The "Standardized Talent Training and Disciplinary Construction Symposium" co -sponsored by the School of Law School and Market Supervision of the University of Economic and Trade。Zhao Zhongxiu, President of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade、Liu Chengyang, deputy director of the Standard Innovation Department of the General Administration of Market Supervision, attended and delivered a speech。From the Standard Innovation Department of the General Administration、Research Agency、High colleges and universities、Leadership of Industry Organization、Experts attend the meeting and speak and exchange。The symposium was chaired by Mei Xiaying, a School of Law, University of Foreign Economics and Trade。

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President Zhao Zhongxiu pointed out in his speech,Standards as an important support for modern economic and social development,In today's economic development、Social Governance、Public services and international cooperation play an increasingly important role。The foundation of standardized development is talent。The state attaches great importance to the training of standardized talents,Multiple policy documents have been released in recent years,Specific requirements for strengthening the training of standardized talents in colleges and universities and disciplinary construction。University of Foreign Economic and Trade as a university with a traditional battlefield of the country and major national strategic needs,Always committed to cultivating meet the needs of national strategic needs、High -quality talents with international perspective and innovation spirit。In recent years,The cooperation framework agreement signed with the State Supervision Bureau of the School,Actively explore in the field of standardized talent training and discipline construction,I have achieved certain results。This meeting was held today by the School of Law School and the Market Supervision Research Institute,Invite industry experts to share experience、Communication perspective、Gathering consensus,Not only will it help promote the training of standardized talents in my country,will also inject new vitality into the reform of colleges and universities in the new era。

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President Zhao Zhongxiu also put forward some expectations for standardized talent training and discipline construction。First, standardized talent training needs to focus on science and practicality。To strengthen the concept in the standardized knowledge system、Principles、Method Study,and according to market demand and industry development trend,Constantly adjust and optimize talent training plan; second,Standardized discipline construction requires comprehensive multi -disciplinary w88 live casinow88 casinoforces,Through cross -disciplinary cooperation、"Professional+Standardization" integration education, etc.,Cultivate composite talents。third,Pay special attention to the cultivation of international standardized talents。Only cultivate more professional essence、Understand the rules、Good coordination、Good foreign language,Standardized talents with international perspectives and international competitiveness,can we enhance my country's influence and right to speak in the field of international standardization。

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Deputy Director Liu Chengyang, Deputy Director of the Standard Innovation Department of the General Administration of Market Supervision, introduced the status quo of standardized talent training in my country。She pointed out,The 20th National Congress of the Party clearly proposes that talents are the first resource,Party Central Committee、The National Standardization Development Outline released by the State Council,Dedicated deployment of standardized talent training。The National Standards Committee at the end of last year、The Ministry of Education and other five departments jointly issued the "Special Action Plan for Standardization Talent",Open a new chapter of standardized talent training,But ordinary colleges and universities currently carried out in standardized education and the scale of training is not enough,Economic and social development urgently requires more high -quality standardized talents。Director Liu, talk about,Next,The National Standards Commission will promote the work of standardized education from three aspects,First, continue to promote the pilot work of the integration of professional and standardized education。On the basis of the standardized engineering major in ordinary universities,Promote ordinary higher education institutions to conduct standardization+professional integration education at the level of undergraduate and graduate students,This year's proposed several universities to pilot。Second, promote the training of standardized talent education teachers。Through the construction of standardized teacher training base,Systemic development of standardized teachers,Effectively improve the teaching level and ability of teachers in standardized education。Third is to strengthen the standardization curriculum system and textbook construction,Establish a unified standardized curriculum standard,Actively develop high -quality textbooks,Provide a solid foundation for comprehensive advancement of standardization education。Director Liu said,Accelerate the advancement of standardization education in colleges and universities,Is the Party Central Committee、Important tasks for decision -making deployment of the State Council,It is a major measure to respond to the needs of the national development strategy,I hope that relevant universities can actively promote,Relevant universities, including Trade University, are welcome to actively participate in the above specific work。

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The special exchange link of the symposium was chaired by Professor Li Jun, Executive Dean of the Academy of Market Supervision of the University of Foreign Economic and Trade。Relevant experts justNew features of standardized talent training and discipline construction in the new period、The new trend and the key issues of the construction of the standardized discipline of colleges and universities made a speech。

SongProfessor Mingshun mainly put forward his own views for the construction of standardized disciplines。He believes that in the face of standard diversified development situations,Urgent need to strengthen standardization theoretical w88 casinoresearch,Standard concepts、w88 online casinoKnowledge System、The curriculum system forms a consensus;,Promoting standardization of standardized talent training,Promote the establishment of a standardized education guidance committee for the Ministry of Education,Systems to advance the standardization education of colleges and universities is important。

Professor Hou Junjun, Vice President of Hunan University of Technology and Commerce, talked about,Diversified supply of standards in the new period、Standard from functional needs to strategic needs、Full intervention in the government in standard governance,All reflect the new features that are different from the past、New Trends,These changes will inevitably affect standardized talent training and discipline construction。He thinks,Professional+standardized discipline construction is an important direction,Setting standardized major in independent settings requires caution。Establishing and strengthening the construction of standardized core curriculum is the top priority。

Professor Liu Jingwei, Honorary Dean of the Law School of Minjiang College Professor Liu Jingwei,Talking about his views on the construction of standardized disciplines in the future。He thinks,Standardized education should learn from the experience of legal education,Establish a covering elementary school、Middle School、University's general education system,Gradually cultivate standardized concepts and consciousness,It is also necessary to establish vocational education、Professional education system, including ordinary universities,Cultivate standardized professionals。Professional education,He believes that related universities should combine the industry、Standardized education for local characteristics,better meet social needs。

Director of the Standard Information Institute of China Standardization Research Institute、Researcher Wang Yiyi talked about,There is no mature mode internationally internationally without standardized education,It should be strengthened to strengthen the top -level design、Unified mode,Still give the autonomy for universities,Should think systematic thinking。She suggests that it can be based on demand,Perform the "Menu" curriculum design,For colleges and universities to choose suitable mode。She thinks at the same time,Future standardized education,You need to pay attention to two major points: one is to absorb information、Talents in the field of artificial intelligence enter the standardization field,The second is the new data assets formed by standard big data,Including confirmation、transaction and pricing, etc.。

Director of the Standardization Research Center of the Institute of Aeronautics Comprehensive Technology、Researcher Tao Lan expressed his views on the training of standardized talent from the perspective of employment。She thinks,Standardized talents can be divided into engineering standardized talents、Industry standardized talents、Enterprise Standardized Talents、Policy research standardized talents,Frontier innovative standardized talents。Different talent types of the needs of the standardized knowledge system are similar,There are also differences,University、Vocational Education、The positioning of the training institution in standardized talent training should be different。

Zhejiang Governor Triangle Public Service Standardization Research Institute Zhang Huan combined with standardization work,Talking about the two opinions of standardized education。First, strengthen w88 live casinostandardization popular science education,Enhance w88 casino gamesthe understanding of the whole society's understanding of standardization。In particular, the standardization knowledge should be popular among large and middle -aged students and leading cadres at all levels、Method,Promoting better economic and social development with standardization。Second, the industrial chain must be based on the core,Around Industry、Industry、Enterprise needs,Standardized talent training,To integrate production and education,can promote the sustainable development of standardized education。

Vice Director Wang Chunchun, the Institute of Higher Education Institute of China Institute of Education and Science, talked about the "Outline of Education Planning".。She believes that the national education policy should be fully implemented,In response to national strategic needs,Cultivate high -quality standardized talents。Pay attention to the cross subject of standardized education,Pay attention to professional+standardized integration education。In addition, the construction of the teacher team should be strengthened,Following the trend of artificial intelligence,Pay attention to the digitalization of education,At the same time, the cultivation of students' international vision and foreign language ability should be strengthened。

Gu Xingquan, deputy director of Gu Xingquan, China Metrology University Standardization Education Research Center, believes,Standardized talent training must attach importance to the classification of standardized talents,Otherwise, it will inevitably lead to unclear goals、The training path is not clear。He proposed,Standardized Vocational Higher Education mainly cultivate standardized skills,Ordinary higher education should focus on theoretical knowledge learning。At the same time,The complexity of standardized talents、Applied features,He recommends adding a standardized master's degree or a master's degree in management、Standardized professional direction under the Master of Law。

Researcher Li Li, deputy dean of the Market Supervision and Research Institute of the University of Economics and Trade, believes,At present, there are some deficiencies in international standardized talents in my country,Including a talent training system that lacks systematic professionalism,Industry、Enterprise's international standardized talent gap is large,Participating in international standard consciousness and capabilities need to be further improved。For this,She thinks,The focus and direction of standardized talent training and discipline construction include,Strengthen the construction of the international standardized generals curriculum system、Promoting professional+standardized mode、Existing and deepening the existing theory based on the standardization field,Carrying out cross -disciplinary research, etc.。

Professor Hao Hao, deputy dean of the School of Economics and Management of Shanghai Second Institute of Technology, believes,Standard is the core competitiveness of future competition between countries,Therefore, it is important to train international standardized talents。International standardized talents need professional、Cross -cultural communication、Organization and coordination ability。Depending on different training targets,It can be categorized and set up standardized courses,Including general courses (international standardization tutorial、Standardization Strategy and Policy、Implementation of international standardization w88 casino gamesand case)、Professional courses (standardized w88 casino gamestechnology and method、Standardized Quality Management、Standardized evaluation and certification)、Practical Course (Standard Topics and Treasures、Drafting Standard、Standard Project Management), etc.。

Professor Yin Xianhui, assistant to the dean of the School of Quality and Standardization of Qingdao University, briefly introduced the development of the college,It is believed that the standardized professional book formed in just 7 years、Shuo、Dr. complete standardized talent training system,It mainly benefits from the demand for standardized talents in society。There is still a lack of high -level teachers、Insufficient experimental conditions for standardization、During the imperfect professional evaluation system of standardization,It is necessary,Provides a good environment for standardized talent training。

Teacher Chen Guofen, director of the quality and standard colleges and institutions of Shenzhen University of Technology, introduced the school to the school's standardization "embedded" education,is to open a standardized public elective course、Establish a standardized enhancement class、Construction of standardization direction with the main college,Promoting standardized knowledge and skills education。She thinks,Standard education initial stage,Standardized Courseware、Teacher Training、Paying attention to practice is a very important link。

Symposium last,On behalf of the organizer, Professor Li Jun thanked the leaders and experts to participate in the symposium and wonderful speech。He talked about,Promoting standardized talent training and discipline construction are major strategic needs for national economic and social development,It is also an important development direction of the Institute of Trade University Market Supervision Research Institute。New Army as a standardized field,I hope to get more support。The Research Institute will also be an open platform,Welcome everyone to participate,Jointly contribute to the development of my country's standardization cause。Symposium ended successfully in warm applause。

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