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Our school held the "two excellents and one first" commendation meeting of retirees

Release time: July 04, 2024 Edit: Liu Navy

w88 online casinoTo celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Deepen the 20th spirit of the party,Give full play to the leading role of advanced typical demonstration,On the morning of July 1,The "Two Excellent Ones" commendation conference of the retirees of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade was held at the International Conference Hall on the third floor of the Integrity Building。School Party Secretary Huang Baoyin、Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Zhang Xiaofeng、Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Minister of the Organization Department Li Jie attended the meeting。Member of the Leadership Team of the Retired Office、​​Member of the Party Committee、The award -winning collective and personal representatives of 2024、Representatives of retired party members and the student party members of the undergraduate party branch of the Insurance College of the Communist Party of China in the Construction Branch attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Lei Liang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Retired Office。

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Huang Baoyin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School Speak and make a school situation。Secretary Huang Baoyin sent a cordial greeting to all retired party members,Severe warm congratulations to the winners of the retired "two excellents and one first" award -winning representative。Secretary Huang Baoyin fully affirmed the work of the retirement place for many years,Both are solid, effective, innovative and highlights,Unity leads the majority of retirees gathered in the work of helping school centers、Stimulated wisdom、Received results。Secretary of Huang Baoyin emphasized,Over the years,The old comrades of the University of Trade actively play their political advantages、Experience advantage、Prestige advantage,Delicate、Silently dedicated to the development of the school's career without any effort。The team member team of our school is loyal to the party,It is a firm supporter and inheritor of the party's cause,It is a valuable wealth of the party and school。Secretary Huang Baoyin pointed out,The school party committee is very concerned about the old comrades,Actively implement political treatment and life treatment,Conversion of retirement work leading group meetings,Pay attention to practical results in solving the difficulties and demands of old comrades、Pay attention to implementation。Under the condition of school tension,Special batch of special funds to support the renovation of the elderly activity centers and retirement work informatization construction third phase project,Actively implement the central w88 online casinogovernment's policy on increasing the treatment of retired cadres,Vigorously promote the addition of subsidy projects for silver age teachers,From mechanism design to policy implementation,Efforts to do a good job in the service guarantee of the old comrades。

2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China,The key year for fully completing the "14th Five -Year Plan" planning goals and tasks。Secretary Huang Baoyin informed the old comrades that the school has happened in the past period of time.,introduced the seven key tasks of the school in 2024。

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Zhang Xiaofeng, deputy secretary of the school party committee, reads the "University of Foreign Economic and Trade about the advanced party branch of retirees、Outstanding Communist Party member、Decision of Excellent Party Workers "。

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Huang Baoyin Secretary、Zhang Xiaofeng Deputy Secretary、Minister Li Jie is an advanced party branch、Outstanding Communist Party member、Excellent Party workers awarded honorary certificates,Student party members of the undergraduate party branch of the School of Insurance to donate flowers for veteran party members。

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Will on the way,Wangjing First Party Branch Secretary Tian Geng、Zhou Lili, deputy secretary of the first party branch of Huixinli、Li Fengmin, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Tiantongyuan as the representative of the advanced party branch、Excellent Communist Party member representative、Excellent party worker representative speaks。Tian Geng's "Three Meetings and One Lesson"、The role of party members and the construction of the old music culture was introduced。As a representative of the trade University of the Capital Social Governance of the Capital Capital,The old party members of Wangjing First Party w88 casinoBranch have formed a community volunteer team、Participate in security patrol,To the representative of the community discussion、Buildingmen leader participates in community negotiation services,Added positive energy to the construction of the international first -class harmonious and livable capital with actual actions。Zhou Lili introduced her more than 50 years of teaching experience、Supervisor experience for more than 20 years、More than ten years of old and young branches co -construction experience,Share her feelings of "dedication": Dedication is not necessarily all shocking,As long as there is a heart that serves the people wholeheartedly,Doing in ordinary posts is beneficial to others、Collective and society is dedication。Teacher Zhou responded to the strong sound of the era of "educating the country with me" with actual actions。Li Fengmin shared his experience and feelings since the work of retired party affairs。Retired Party workers assume special responsibilities and mission,Not only must we organize learning and educational activities in combination,Leading the old comrades persistently use Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast the soul,It is also necessary to implement the care and assistance system within the party,Do a good job of loneliness、Caring for elderly elderly elderly people,Take the warmth and care of them for them。

Before the start of the conference,The old comrades of the choir of the elderly university brought a carefully prepared song "Wanjiang",Lead everyone with singing to bless the great Chinese Communist Party's birthday! Blessing Huaxia Shenzhou in the new era to continue the wind and waves,Sailing voyage!

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